Thursday, November 1, 2018

What You Missed - Black & White 2018

by Katie "Hildegard" Cannamela

Captain's Log - October 27th, 1018

I was wet in the most unpleasant of ways. A cold kind of wet. A sweaty cold kind of wet.  I'm an inexperienced captain who forgot to properly waterproof her boots for the cold wet season. Yuck.

You know, I've never done much adventuring at Black and White. Not since the first time I attended, before I got my ship and crew, when I was Elouan's tagalong, got cocky with a sword I didn't know how to wield, and was killed by a silver-masked bandit. I've been a coward since then.

However, it's been several years and many more adventures. I no longer wield a sword, but my miniature lions. I have a ship and a crew, and even brought along a potential new member. I was ready for adventure. I was even ready and willing to face Blue. I was ready to show my friends and allies that I am not Hildegard the Cowardly, but Hildegard the Captain!

And then the rain.

Avoiding cold rain is not cowardly. Avoiding cold rain means avoiding potential sickness, and avoiding unhappy lions with quickly matting fur. Unhappy lions can be more dangerous than fever sometimes. Even if they're miniature.

Once we arrived, we immediately set up space in a corner of the tavern. Food was already coming out, so we sampled. It was amazing. My favorite course was probably the tomato soup and mini grilled cheese sandwiches. Those hit the spot and chased away the chill. Much appreciation to the kitchen staff!

Knowing that, once again, I wouldn't be outside adventuring, I wandered in the tavern. There were shops, tables for gambling, and the raffle tables. After the cold I experienced, I had my eye on the fuzzy socks, which someone else won, and the Rhiassa-red blanket, which my new potential crew member Benadetta won.

Order of the List happened, though I didn't watch any of the matches. Major kudos to those who braved the weather to compete.

Blue appeared, as per usual. I heard rumors that Thoril wanted to absorb his power somehow. So, once again we sigh and say a resigned, "What the heck, Thoril." Except without the "heck." But you know how rumors are.

There was also a meeting about what to do about Garm. I didn't attend that meeting, as I worship no gods.

New adventurers were called to go into the Dreaming to find out about a missing village. I opted to pass, but Elouan followed Kara and witnessed the adventure.

Court was held. The Order of the peacock announced next season's color (scarlet) and Elowen is now being mentored by Hyger.

The knights of Eagle's Rook knighted Sir Iawen (hooray!)

The Lunar Aegis, a knighthood for/by women, presented themselves and their intent.

Lako of Gau Dring announced he was stepping down as lord, ceding power to Consulars Kyara and Enlon.

Rosetta was fostered into the Chimeron family,  and Tyrvanel was made a full member of Chimeron.

This year, the general raffle was held before dancing. The black ticket one was held after, but my companions and I decided to leave early, as we all felt the effects of the cold.

Well, I need to end this log abruptly. Napoleon was trying to be a magic missile instead of an implement and spilled ink everywhere, now he, Leofy, and Cleopatra all need baths.

And now we sail again.

~ Captain Hildegard, squire of Rhiassa, and her lions Napoleon, Leofy, and Cleopatra.

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