Thursday, November 8, 2018

What You Missed - Pick Up Realms II

by Ed "Tuilli" Drummond

*a letter is intercepted on the road to Voraniss*

I hope this finds you in good times, but I bring interesting news.

I recently spent some time in Ivory, where a new game was afoot.  The Terrific Triumvirate Tournament was going on, which was a particularly advanced game of “put the ball in the hole”.  For some reason, while we were playing, our power varied from my usual, I was able to swing a 5’, but also had some very rapid regeneration at other times.  That said, while in the middle of this tournament, we were ambushed mid-game by a pair of werewolves. They seemed to be beyond reach, reason or speech. Someone managed to identify them as “super-werewolves”, but I’m unsure as to that meaning. There appears to be some flavor of stone that has been changing people into other things like said wolves.

I don’t sense forces like that of the Night Pack, but I fear this new force could be dangerous. Some of those ambushed had blood drawn by the attackers, so I worry about that as well…

I should be to your lands in a few days, I sent this message ahead to warn you.


We all had a pretty solid time playing what felt like a pretty fleshed out game.  Felt somewhat similar to Jugging, only with spells.  The sudden ambush of werewolves was a great touch.  Chim casino was there, the Noodle emporium, solid variety of puzzles about as well.  All in all a good, solid event, good use of the space and glad kiddo and I were able to make it!  Thanks to Becky and Janna for a fun day!

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