Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Why I Want to Go-Pick Up Realms II: The Monster Mash

by Lani "Gwen" Jones

If you find yourself in the Worcester area this Saturday, you should come and check out the second installment in Pick Up Realms. This event will feature fun and games, and lots of plot and NPCs to interact with. The main event of course is the Terrific Triumvirate Tournament, which should be a lot of fun. However, I think what will make this event super fun is the encouragement to engage with a variety of plots and the opportunity to interact with new and interesting characters. The EH’s have encouraged players to try out new characters and to bring their own plots to the party.

An event like this is sure to be a fun time, as everyone engages in some good silly fun while they interact with monsters, do some politicking, and maybe even get caught up in a Time Snarl or two. I love the concept of mixing business with pleasure, and I know that the staff is looking forward to providing an opportunity for you to get involved as well. If you have any ideas, reaching out to the EH staff is a great place to start.

Some come out, enjoy some light snacks, epic games of chance, and lots of plot besides. Hope to see you there!

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