Friday, December 7, 2018

Rumors for December 1018

[Across the Realms]

The Children of Lloth have been stirring. Spells and questions have been pointed from them to gods outside their realm, indicating an interest upon the Realms at large.
There has been a woman with orange eyes walking in the midst of the storms this past month. What has drawn attention is that her attire is not appropriate to the cold, and so most are wary to approach her, since the weather has not proven to bother her in any way. Any that have spoken with her claim they do not recognize her accent of the Common tongue, she will call them by name even if it is not given, and claim she is searching for something long lost.


Word around castle Clontarf is the Misses is not happy with Duke Tao. He was overheard after Tournaments of Artemis saying something about how his kids did great. Of course none of his natural born children were at the tournament as he keeps them away from the adventuring life. The misses has also been heard to say the castle is not her home.


Some old guy wearing a strange light brown hat and clothes with lots of pockets has been puttering around and scribbling in a notebook, then fleeing or jumping behind nearby objects upon making eye contact. After concerned peasants reported the odd behavior to local Militia, a brief investigation concluded that this strange traveler named "Matt" is likely harmless. His notes were largely incomprehensible, though there were frequent mentions of his nephew, exploring "outer space", and collecting "rollies."
In response to the defacement of Sir Iawen’s pylon project in Chimeron City, nighttime patrols around the work site have doubled.
Despite a hard year, a seemingly unconnected smattering of disparate families all around Chimeron seem to be living quite comfortably this Winter. Local gossips mostly attribute their neighbors' good fortune to a burgeoning crime operation, bargains with supernatural beings, or responsible bookkeeping and frugality.
A message from the Temple of Deidre: There has been a stirring within the Pantheons. Old gods thought long dead have been evoked. The universe stirs. The War against the Slaugh and the Strangers has begun to take shape, and to bring attention to the Firmament.
Over the past two weeks a variety of spherical objects have been reported missing. Most have been of no significant value, and thus far the ongoing Militia investigation has found no other connections between the missing items or their perplexed owners. Any information about these items' whereabouts or regarding further disappearances should be reported to the Militia immediately.


A group of Jomsvikings were reported to have an audience with the Lords of Rhiassa. Shortly thereafter, dozens of adventurers descended on Cold Springs with the purpose of studying a document which was left by the Jomsvikings. The tome in question appears badly damaged, but seems to describe the operation of some kind of magical ship.


Following reports of magical trouble in the Free City, the Captain of the Chimeron Militia personally led a small response team to investigate. The soldiers seem to have taken up temporary station on their peaceful mission in the city, although the Captain has not yet issued an official report on regarding the incidents.

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