Wednesday, December 5, 2018

What You Missed - Tournaments of Artemis VII

Huntress Team Captain Bree (Siona Gouthro):

Nataliya pushed me to run a Huntress team this year and I cannot thank her enough. This is the realms at it’s best. I spent the event with some of the best people I know. I was pushed by the other huntresses beyond what I thought I could do. I was taught that I know my teammates both better and worse than I thought I did. And the attitudes between the teams was wonderful. This is what I want to do. I want to spend time with my friends, be challenged by my peers and leave thinking these are people I want to know better than I do. I want to do this all again. Just not for awhile cause it is Monday night and it still hurts to move. 

Team Bree (and Killian) (photo by Jason Rosa)

Huntress Team Captain Kite (Alexa Lecko):

First off, I want to say thank you to Damien, Daegan, Sean Angus and Ranger for being on my team and wading with me into the fun chaos that was this event. I couldn’t have done it without you guys’ tireless support and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better in my corner. I also want to thank Shader, the marshals, and everyone who worked hard to make this event such a success. This year’s Huntress Tournaments were incredible in many ways. I’ve only just recovered range of motion in my limbs for how hard we were all fighting—that battle for the point was brutal and exhilarating. I haven’t fought this hard in a long time, and despite battling a cold and borderline anemia I really enjoyed going all out. 

The energy at the event was great—highly competitive, yet full of warmth and camaraderie. Fight after grueling fight, we all had nothing but friendliness and praise for each other. Bree, Kara and I struggled together as much as we struggled against each other, laughing with every surprising result, wild strike, and floor wipeout (mostly on my end). They were welcome and very formidable rivals. My only wish for next year is there to be a little more streamlining of the background activities between tournaments, as we ended up running a little behind in completing them. Otherwise, this was an energetic, challenging event, and I am very excited for its next iteration. Plus, I got a knife and a dragon! 

Team Kite (photo by Jason Rosa)

Huntress Team Captain Kara (Emily Murphy):

ToA was amazing this year! My team consisted of Torolf, Saegan, Gordon, and Daekara (who was added to help keep the teams even while still having people playing and having fun) and I couldn’t have asked for better people, both fighting wise and general personality wise. The other teams were phenomenal too! They worked clearly as a unit and were very clean throughout the entire day. But, the entire event wouldn’t have even happened if it weren’t for the staff. They put in time and work into making ToA really fun this year. The tournaments were well designed and the non-coms were really fun to play! I would also like the thank Eldrich (Neil Kusleika) for bringing food. In short, ToA was great this year, and if your thinking about running a team next year: Do it!

Team Kara (photo by Jason Rosa)

Event Photos:
Photo by Paul Tilton 

Photo by Paul Tilton

Photo by Paul Tilton

Photo by Paul Tilton

Photo by Paul Tilton

Photo by Paul Tilton

Winner: Kara! (Photo by Paul Tilton)

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