Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Why I Want To Go - Rhiassa Presents: Echos of Ragarok VI

By Ryan “Orion” Welch

"You can see the squares of canvas dancing over the horizon"

I’ve wanted to go to this event from the moment it was posted simply because Rhiassa’s annual UConn event is always going to be a good time. But a few weeks ago, I read the full event description and that’s when I knew I *really* wanted to go. A mission to the Moon? On a spaceship?? How could I possibly say no to that???

"You can hear the shanty wailing to the heaving of the men"

This will be the fourth time I’ve participated in an event that uses mechanics and themes centered on boats. All of these events rank among my favorite events that I’ve played in or helped run. I love “boat rules” events because of the way they inspire teamwork and cooperation from the entire party. There’s something intuitive about being part of a crew that operates a complex machine towards a common purpose that I have rarely experienced anywhere else.

"You can feel the seas up to your knees and you know the sea is rising"

With so many different plots active in the Realms right now, it’s hard for any one person to feel invested in all of them. I mean no offense to the Rhiassan event staff when I say that I have not given my full attention to the story they are trying to tell, because it is in no way their fault (anyone who knows anything about Orion is aware that most of my in-character attention has been focused on stopping the Risen Kingdom). With that said, though: I have been to almost every event in this plotline and I have enjoyed them immensely. The event staff is very skilled at providing a diversity of content to their players and making sure that those of us who are along for the ride still have plenty to do. My friends who are deeply engaged with the plot also enjoy playing in these events, so it’s pretty hard to not have a good time.

"And you know The Clipper’s day has come again!"

As every one of its predecessors has done, this event will combine exciting combat, interesting puzzles, and an immersive world under the skilled guidance of a veteran event staff. And when you add to that mix “boat rules in space”, the result is an event for which I am super excited, perhaps more so than any other event in my Realms career.

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