Tuesday, January 8, 2019

What You Missed - Stacked Deck Final Table

by James "Tao" Murphy
Photos by Emily "Kara" Murphy 

What you missed at the Stacked Deck event:

Lots of good food, like seriously, we had too much, people brought stuff home some really amazing stuff (all in crock pots!).

Many games of chance and skill were presented, some cribbage, some checkers.

Return of both the craps table, and the roulette tables to join the Clontarf Casino traditional Let-It-Ride and Blackjack.

Not one but two poker tournaments, we ended the 1018 season and opened the 1019 season on the same day (congrats to Sir Trent for being the early leader in 1019)

And for the final tournament of the 1018 season:

Belle was first 
The straight she wanted 
But several hours in 
She was thwarted

Gordon was next 
With his Jack Queen 
But aces won out 
Kind of mean

Rubarb all in 
When he hit his eight 
But the ace with a jack
Sealed his fate

Rillan was unlucky 
Ace jack vs ace nine 
When the nine hit 
The opponent was fine

Trent with few chips 
Moved in with Queen Jack 
But the King Queen called 
And that was that

Runaris tried to double up 
All-in with king seven 
But the board had an ace 
And he was out at eleven

The final ten 
moved to one table 
the players to play 
as best they were able

Evita was first off 
her Queen ten hit trips 
but Queen Jack played 
and she lost all her chips

Rorin was next 
unlucky with big slick 
Ace Jack had called 
and hit the jack quick

Jack made a move 
with ten five suited 
but when the king called 
he was booted

Zatarra moved in 
but his king got the blues 
when the big blind called 
and hit trip two’s

Karmha's queens fell next 
She’d been on a rush 
but by the river 
she lost to a flush

Daekara had lasted 
all the way to bubble 
but King 10 vs King Queen 
and he was in trouble

Therian looked down 
Pocket sevens for the fight 
Pairs are strong pre-flop 
But Ace Ten ended his night

Mathies lasted 
All the way to Third 
But sixes lost to King Jack, 
His final word

Many hands later 
Two diamonds and a jack 
The stacks had shifted 
Vawn fighting back 

Avendar led out 
A min of a bet 
Vawn considered his hand 
His course was set

He went all in 
His game on the line 
Avendar to consider 
Was his hand fine?

He had seven eight 
The eight he had matched 
But the jack to consider 
A plan was hatched

He called the all in 
It was kind of chancy 
To end the tournament 
His odds he did fancy

Vawn's big bet 
He had gone in on a draw 
Diamonds would be good 
But his stack would fall

The turn was a four 
The river a six 
Both were red 
But hearts were the pips

Avendar had won 
A mighty feat 
The prize delivered 
The game complete 

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