Thursday, January 3, 2019

Why I Want to Go - Stacked Deck Finale

This is a hard event for me to write for, I’m not going to hide it. I’m hardly a maverick, a card shark, or even a gambler. But the stacked deck is set up fairly similarly to Order of the List, and I understand that. It’s about passion, and competition. It’s about getting the best of the best together to prove themselves.

It’s about the game.

We all attend events for different reasons. I may rely on that theory too much, but it’s true. We all have fantasies and roles we want to fill. Excelling at gambling is really important to some of our players, which becomes evident when you see them staying up after a long night quest to compete in tournaments while the rest of us, get to enjoy drinks, socialize, and go to sleep.

Fun fact: gambling in the realms is a huge factor in stirring our community economy. We have all these neat and interesting types of gold, and the stories behind them, because of the people that move money. We have these stories because of the people that run casinos, play in them, win, collect, and spend gold.

This event is their champions circle, and if you have friends playing in there you should come out and be their cheerleaders. I mean, maybe not in the same way that you would at another event. I think some of those kids would get pretty mad at me if I started yelling their name and waving crazy signs at them while they were trying to focus on the cards. However, a simple “You got this,” can go a long way, or just offering to grab your friend a snack while they’re playing. Have confidence in your friends, and support them.

Beyond that, I’m told there will be a bunch of other games for people to play and enjoy, so I’m sure you’ll have ample opportunity to be engaged with your friends outside of the tournaments. Personally, if I have an opportunity to be around my friends, I like to take it, and we don’t really get enough of realms time in the winter. This sums up the real reason why I want to go to, to be with my realms family, and support my friends who’ve worked hard all year to be a part of this tournament.

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