Friday, January 11, 2019

Rumors for January 1018

[Across the Realms]

There has been a rise in peasants dying by morning. Men, women, children are found dead with a look of abject horror on their faces. Conversely, there has also been a rise in non fatal injuries. Humanoid races are reporting creatures living with injuries that usually result in death. Reports of animals with crushed skulls, impaled in traps, or burned by fire, surviving the experience. Healers have seen a greater need for their services as a result.
The copies of the following missive have spread around the adventuring community: “Unto the Realms, If you have any sort of access to seer magic and are interested in the adventure that is to take place in mid-February, please contact either me (Kara Nithisdottir) or Sir Vawn. Even if you can't attend the adventure itself, you can still help. -Kara”.
Guards of several nations are claiming they have seen a hooded theif sneaking into taverns at night and stealing from the drunk. Others claim they have seen a monster or demon stealing souls of those misfortunate. The name of this would be monster thief is circling as "The Black Dagger" but others insist that name is wrong and refer to the thief as "The Shadow Crow". They also claim that this being is like trying to catch smoke.
Something dark is lurking. One could almost taste it. Something is coming... Something vast, powerful and deadly. There will be no survivors…

[Unclaimed Lands]

The road between North Paradise and Stonewood Borders: A woman's body was found, wearing faded scarlet robes. Her outfit was mainly reduced to tatters, and her pack revealed nothing but torn books: spines ripped off the base and pages stuck in trees or in the mud.
Over the Western Mountains: Rangers and those that make their living by hunting and trading in the Ivory and Iron Kingdom marketplaces have reported much activity seen on the other side of the range. It seems that some group may be thinking about colonizing beyond what the cartographers have on the current Realms map.
Borders around the Great Swamp: People have been coming into taverns and inns, wherever there might be a shelter. Some are wood elves, although a few sassed they were "swamp elves", and most are humans. They claim they're moving on as "the Spiders are moving again" and "rather take chances topside with Strangers" and so forth. One, in particular, is heading to Rhiassa, bearing a book and a white flag.
On the path towards Achoria, a territory of Blackwood: a woman carrying a very old, wrapped sword on her back has been asking for stories and telling older ones in return. She also is teaching those who care to listen to the way to make a sort of tack-bread, good for carrying on long quests. She is also looking for the Misty Hill Mystics.

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