Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Summary of Proposals Going to the EHC

Compiled by Pi Fisher

Editorial Changes (15)

  • Remove Arrows from Weapon Construction Chart
    • Remove duplicate wording that’s repeated two paragraphs later
  • Clarify How Bow Poundage Is Determined
    • Bow poundage is full draw weight, not your draw weight
  • Move Regional Magic out of Basic Magic Effects Everyone Should Know
    • Move Regional Magic and Alchemy into new section
  • Clean up choosing spells.
    • Replace outdated wording
  • Clarify Regeneration Caveats
    • Advanced Regeneration only bring you back from being scalped if specified by the spell. (Specifically, if specified by Regenerate the Scalp.)
  • Strange Brew Wording Fix
    • Record potions chosen in your spellbook, rather than writing them down wherever you feel like
  • Put "Event-Stealable" in MC for Embrace Death, Familiar
    • The spell descriptions say the MCs are Event-Stealable, but the MC requirement at the top doesn’t mention this.
  • Remove pointless sentence from Light
    • The last sentence of Light tells you that it’s a first circle spell?
  • Remove duplicate construction rules for Lightning Bolts
    • Lightning Bolt construction is covered both under weapon construction and under the spell description.  Keep it under weapon construction and remove it from the spell description.
  • Modify Cantrip, Implement, Strange Brew interaction
    • Makes bad wording good. (Look, I’m not getting paid by the word or anything.)
  • Move Death Watch's spell description out of the AC.
    • Death Watch lasts until you stop being dead. That’s how the spell works. It’s not part of the AC. Also update the wording in Implement to match.
  • Fix Circle of Healing
    • Circle of Healing says you can cast spells, but it doesn’t quite say you need to follow the rules for those spell, I guess? Make that more explicit.
  • Reword Alcohol Policy
    • Replace bad wording with good wording.
  • Magic Item Check In
    • Magic Items have to be checked in, but a lot of people don’t show up before the start of an event, and a lot of events let you check in part-way through the event (most often on multi-day events). Also, some EHs allow magic items with modifications, rather than just allowing or rejecting. Update the wording to reflect that.
  • New section heading between spell chart and spell descriptions
    • It may seem silly, but I have a reason for this. The formatting in the Omnibus is currently very inconsistent. To make it more consistent, this would help.

Editorial-ish, but with Choices (4)

  • Clarify how many times familiar may be learned.
    • Currently it says you might have up to 15 points, but it never says it can only be learned 3 times. Either make it 20 points, or specify it can only be learned up to 3 times.
  • Clarify Resist Magic on your stuff
    • If I use Resist Magic, can I bring my Magic Item through a Circle of Protection with me?
  • Material Components for Group Healing
    • Currently says “in most cases” for something that applies in 1 out of 2 cases.
      • “In most cases”, Group Healing only needs one MC for spells that have MCs (this is how Cure Disease currently works)
      • The “exception” is that Immunity to Poison requires one MC per recipient.
      • Both MCs are disposables.
    • Part 1 is a vote “should we make this more consistent”
      • Option A makes it work the way it currently works “in most cases”
      • Option B makes it work the other way
    • Part 2 (to be pulled if Part 1 passes) fixes the wording while making no changes.
  • Define Legal Event Holder for Emergency EH Meetings
    • During an emergency EHC, who can vote? Everyone from the previous EHC, or everyone from the previous EHC plus any EHs from the current calendar year?

Props/Garb (5)

  • Adding Clarification to Leather Armor thickness
    • Specify what weight of leather counts as 1 point vs. 2 points
  • Define thickness weight to what defines leather armor
    • Same as above, with amendment to fix wording
  • Allow small throwing axes and throwing daggers
    • Allow people to carry 2 10”-24” throwing weapons
  • Updated Cloth Armor Rules.
    • Allow for 2 point cloth armor
  • Larp arrow update
    • Allow for newer LARP arrows that don’t need strapping tape

Compiled by Pi Fisher

Language Changes (1)

  • Scalping Overhaul
    • Instead of “scalping” a body, you destroy it to render it soulless. No mechanical change.

Administrative Changes (4)

  • Make the Magic Item List public
    • Let players see the list so they can remind themselves what their items do.
  • Events Must Be Advertised on RealmsNet
    • Remove View from Valehaven and Creathorne Chronicles as options for event announcements. Leave RealmsNet and email to all known EHs as only two options.
  • Clarification on AC responsibility to inform EHs of punishment
    • If the AC levies punishment against a player, this proposal will make it so the AC has to notify the EH list.
  • Yearly Status Report From The Arbitration Committee
    • This would require the AC to make a public report including the number of reports received, the number of investigations performed, and a summary of each investigation that resulted in a punishment, including the punishment and the recipient.

Spellbooks and Learning Spells (3)

  • Add requirement that all spells granted by learned spells be listed in the players spellbook.
    • If you have Cantrip, you must write down all pool spells in your spellbook, because you’re able to cast them, so you should be able to reference how they work. Similarly for other spells that give you the ability to cast spells you might not have in your build.
  • Require Power Potion to be Labeled with level
    • If you have Alchemy, you must have different sigils for different circles of Power Potions. It’s fine to use the same sigil plus a number for the circle.
  • Set rules for filling open spell circles
    • If you unlearn spells, you might have holes in your build in weird places. This proposal first asks if we should specify the order in which these holes should be filled. If yes, we pick one of four options.
      • Example: Suppose you have 3 full paths, and you choose to unlearn the following spells (PXCY = Path X, Circle Y):
      • Option 1: If you have holes in your spell build, you must fill all holes in path 1 before filling holes in path 2, and you must fill all holes in path 2 before filling holes in path 3. With the example, you choose from the following two options for how to fill the holes:
        • P1C3, P1C5, P2C4, P3C3
        • P1C5, P1C3, P2C4, P3C3
      • Options 2: Same as above, but if you have multiple holes in a single path, you fill them from weakest to strongest. With the example, the order you get to relearn the spells is:
        • P1C3, P1C5, P2C4, P3C3
      • Option 3: If you have holes in your build, you fill them starting with the lowest circle of spell. With the example, you choose from the following two options for how to fill the holes:
        • P1C3, P3C3, P2C4, P1C5
        • P3C3, P1C3, P2C4, P1C5
      • Option 4: You can pick any order you want, and we specify this in the Omnibus. There are 24 options with the example, so I’m not going to write them all out.

Spell Changes (10)

  • Undead Revamp V3!
    • Get rid of Animate Undead General. Change Animate Lesser Undead and Animate Undead, with most of the wording taken from the old ALU.
      • Animate Lesser Undead: 15 uses, makes someone a Kobold.
      • Animate Undead: 10 uses, can’t use spells or armor.
    • Remove a lot of text from Basic Magic Effects Everyone Should Know and update some of the other text to match the new spells.
    • Adjust Alchemy costs for potions for these two spells.
  • Combine the Purity spells (pick one effect)
    • Single spell, you choose which one you get. Two options:
      • Option 1: you pick when you learn
      • Option 2: you pick when you cast
  • Move some 3rd circle spells to 2nd circle
    • Enchant Weapon, Protect the Soul, Disenchant
  • Move call the soul to 3rd circle
    • Does what it says on the tin
  • Clarify Transformation Miscellaneous Abilities:
    • There are some spells you can spend Transformation points on. Do you get to cast them once, or do you get the full number of castings the spell gives? Also, is it once per event, or once per transformation? (Remember, Transformation has two castings.)
      • Option 1: one use per event
      • Option 2: one use per transformation
      • Option 3: full uses per event
      • Option 4: full uses per transformation
  • Enchant Weapon/Assassin's Blade Clarification
    • I guess this isn’t editorial, because it technically changes Enchant Weapon.
    • Currently, you can cast Enchant Weapon on a weapon or a bow. If you cast it on a weapon, it does stuff when you swing the weapon. Even if you think arrows are weapons, I hope you agree you don’t swing arrows.
    • For Assassin’s Blade, the MC is “either a single weapon up to 3' long or an arrow”. So if you think an arrow is a weapon, this spell disagrees. This spell lets you cast Enchant Weapon on your Assassin’s Blade for free. So, uh, what happens if your Assassin’s Blade is an arrow and you cast Enchant Weapon on it?
    • This proposal changes Enchant Weapon to say that you can also cast it on an arrow, and it’ll work. Also, f you have an enchanted bow and an enchanted arrow, and you shoot the arrow from the bow, one call from each is expended, but you only call one effect.
    • And if you think Raise Dead defines what weapons are, remember the first three words in that sentence: “For this purpose, a weapon is considered to be anything with a legal striking surface - swords and arrows are weapons, although bows are not.” But, uh, Lightning Bolt and Magic Missile talk about when they count as weapons, and I think I have a proposal for next year. I also have two more commas for the OEC. This rambling is definitely the quality content you’re all looking for, right?
  • Fix Protect the Soul glitch
    • The only reason this might not count as editorial is if you think “possession, Animate Undead, and the like” is different from “possession, compulsion, and similar effects as determined by the MM/EH”. I’d put it under Editorial, but Dave thinks it might be a power boost to the spell, and I suspect a bunch of people will ignore something if I say it’s editorial. Blame Dave for this long blurb.
  • Bring Back Animate Limb
    • Make it so Heal Limb doesn’t work on you if you’re undead
    • Make a new spell that works on undead
    • This is different from the spell that was removed last year. Last year’s spell had limited uses. Embrace Death specifies that Heal Limb doesn’t work on you, but other undead spells don’t specify that. My belief is that the intention was to nerf Embrace Death by preventing there from being an unlimited-use spell to quickly bring back limbs. The current two ways to get back limbs under Embrace Death are: remain stationary for 30 seconds or die and come back
  • Double Seed of Life
    • You get two props. You can’t chant to double the regeneration speed, but you can give the corpse the second prop to double the speed.
  • Remove Transmute Self
    • The name is a little misleading. The first part failed at the PM, but a second part was added as an amendment, and that part passed. This proposal will let you have your eyes open while you’re transmuted, because “you can’t look and you can’t move” is potentially unsafe.

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