Thursday, February 7, 2019

Winter/Spring Horoscope 1019

By Janna "Iawen" Oakfellow-Pushee

A long time ago, the races of the Realms have looked into the stars and wondered, What if?, never realizing that in some places, in some planes, those very stars were looking right back at us, wondering the same thing. There's a lot the stars can tell us, if only we show a humble want for knowledge.

In past years and recent months, a man has visited the Realms who was not a man at all, but a fallen star who took on a human persona as Hesperus Star-keeper. As it is, two Star People with the names Orion Mars and Cressida still walk with us from time to time. All have names, all have houses, all have a purpose and a drive.

And, if you're willing to listen to the what the stars have to say, you might just find yours, too.
These are thoughts on how your Winter, heading into Spring, might be turning out.

House of:

Capricorn: Eclipses across the Cancer/Capricorn axis throughout 1019 amplify themes of family and security versus your reputation and place in the Realms. Many will begin new casting spells around the Wolf Moon's Lunar Eclipse, which aligns perfectly to your own plans, Capricorn. This eclipse means business and offers you the potential to move mountains. This eclipse in particular will be eye-opening, and casting a harsh light upon the cold truths that Winter had buried. Expect a sudden, material windfall to occur if you've done the work of securing your place in the Realms. If you're a Healer, this is actually a terrible time to adventure, so double-up on all those mundane and magical components; you'll need them every time you go outside.

Aquarius: The stars predict a quiet and relaxing season for the Aquarius natives. Necromancers, Seers and Assassins: you are going to defuse the tensions from your lives, giving you a greater degree of freedom. This season will allow you to reap what you sow, after all your efforts and perseverance. The year 1019 announces unexpected events as well further down the line, but these announcements will be unable to shake that calm atmosphere that rules your life this season. The professional life, free of big conflicts, seems to be characterized by a few successes devoid of greatness, but stable. Basically, keep doing what you're doing, because you're doing fine.

Pisces: The stars square off in your House, which might lead you to be hopelessly unrealistic about a situation and that may, ultimately, lead to disappointment. When others can't fulfill your pedestal version of them and they remind you that they are only human after all, it can be quite disenchanting. The same might happen if you're working on a project that you have high hopes for. If you're only working on faith and forget the brass tacks, the happy ending you're hoping for might never materialize. Fortunately, the Realms will provide a simultaneous opportunity for you to ground all of this idealism into something real -- as long as you remember to keep your eyes open. A Necromancer will make a supportive spell and plan not previously considered before the Spring thaw. Let a heavenly body help you focus your blurry lens of naïveté that Winter is forcing on you, causing that glassy-eyed look.

Aries: Bouncing back and forth between ecstatic and combative is great if you're a newly-made Fighter. For all others, however, it can feel like a whirlwind melee, where armies are all chasing each others' tails upon the field until the clash in one hectic middle heap. For Fighters of all types, though, once again this is your time to shine. A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is hanging near to the Leviathan, marking the Feast as a tumultuous political power field and yet a tremulous time for newer adventurers. The stars are begging the more rambunctious Sparks to note their surroundings and attempt not to spook off those that dare to follow where you are walking. Not leading, just walking. You're not leadership material...yet. If you were toying with leaving your magic behind, however, do it the "boring way", that is to unlearn, because come the Equinox the decision will rear its head to stay Fighter or go back to the Magic, which you can't do if you decided to get rid of it "the stupendous way" instead

Taurus: For all those in this House, especially for those who practice the necrotic arts, the way of the alchemist/herbalist, or healing off all sorts: Fear Not. It will be alright. You have weathered many a storm before and for now, while it may look like a storm is brewing on the horizon, it is not meant for you specifically to get rid of it. In fact, one has a few options: to weather it alone until February, a type of 'hibernation', if you will; go silent, and prepare yourself for the revealing of the groundhog instead. Second option: be like that of the Hermit, and follow your lantern, your truth, to the top of any mountain to wait out the storm, and bring those who are searching for truth with you to wait it out as well. Or Third, you can add to the Storm by gleefully and some might say, obnoxiously, adding in your two gold here and your Cantrip there and your trusty silver dagger here. Whatever you choose, it's all on you. Take responsibility for it.

Gemini: In the house of duality, partnership matters might have never felt as fulfilling to you as they do these days. Believe it or not, this season it's likely to get even sweeter thanks to things moving into your relationship that are exciting, enriching, and other E-words. Until the beginning of February, you'll be in the rare and enviable position where you've got blessings from many other stars and Houses, as they all have to keep moving through the same area of your existence, therefore nothing escapes your eye, your ear, your touch, your smile. Expect blessings, support, and if you need one, a miracle. A good connection will become great, and a troubled one might be rescued now. It's all about your intention. If you're a Healer or a Fighter of any type, THIS is your time!

Cancer: A major Solar Eclipse took during the first seven days of the year; the stars might unexpectedly turn your adventuring career in January. An evil mage will throw one final lightning bolt to you and your best laid plans. There might be a sense of urgency on your part now to "get it right" when it comes to your ambitions. Remember, as long as you're honoring your individuality and need for change, you will succeed. A stale, suffocating path won't survive -- and it shouldn't. Fulfillment is likely, as long as you lean out of your comfort zone. Just do it!

Leo: Too keyed up to roar, those is this House will find that a sharp and simple growl will get the point across. Stress is at the forefront of everything being conducted by Fighters and Casters alike. In the muddy waters of Spring, the Leo is loathe to get their pads anymore cold and wet, and chooses instead to hunker down with their chosen Pride and learning the lay of the land as the warmer winds blow.

Virgo: Where do you feel a sense of “home,” Virgo? Whether you move to a new nation, discover a favorite adventuring spot or deepen your emotional bonds, 1019 finds you craving deeper roots. This year, connecting from the heart could bring luck and new adventure. Shake off your perfectionism. Remember: It’s your authenticity that makes people respect you, enjoy your company, and/or fall in love with you, not a polished public mask that you don.

Libra: Family first! There is no way you can go into 1019 not knowing that your family life will be a focus. You've already got a pretty good idea about the obligations you have to take on with your clan. One of your leaders or role models might need your help as he or she ages out of the adventuring life, as one example(it happens!). Another possibility is that you have moved or are planning to move(whether that's a national move or a guild move, the stars do not say). The changes, however, are sobering and may include a downsize of the material, but at the same time, you'll build your foundation in a way that is more solid than ever. It's like you're building your own brick house this year, and you're doing everything in your power to make sure it can withstand any element -- as well as the Big Bad Wolf. And boy howdy, will there be a lot of wolves this year.

Scorpio: Ready to stab with light and precision? That doesn't mean become an Auroran, or even fling lightning bolts. Light can mean many things: light words, light garb, and I'm certain you can come up with many a use for 'light'. As for precision, your adventures carrying all the way into Spring require your attention to detail. Listen well, keep quiet, strike true.

Sagittarius: Get ready to take 1019 by storm, Archer. This is poised to be one of your most dynamic years in more than a decade—and it starts from Day One! Forget about "business as usual": Welcome novelty and fresh starts, which just happen to be a few of your favorite things! You can map out a brilliant strategy for making your hard-earned money work overtime for you. With some deep digging, the stars have you focused on the Sun, and this may require you to shed old perceptions of yourself. Let those limiting beliefs and scarcity thoughts go already!

No matter what you believe, have a wonderful 1019, and be well. - Iawen

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