Friday, August 9, 2019

Rumors for August 1019

[Across the Realms]

Across the Realms: A tall, male elf with a brilliant demeanor has been wandering with an entourage, teaching commoners and creatures alike a new game called The Terrific Triumvirate Tournament. If anyone shows much potential and promise in playing, the elf bestows on them a small magical book, where the words contained within change every so often. He claims that's the magic from his god, who loves a bit of sport.
((For Fae-Touched, or those who claim a type of Fae as a PC)) A sing-songy, yet sorrowful voice of a child can be heard during the witching hour. Focusing on the voice leads one in circles (mentally and physically), and yet even when one is asleep or trance/meditating during the hour, the voice (now more ethereal) is still there. It disappears at the toll of the first bell for those in the Realms.
There have been reports of Drow loyal to Lloth finding ways into Fae and Deep Fae. When Pressed for answers, the leaders of the squads  have answered it is "for Harlequin and the Oracle" as support to contain the armies in the Ashenfields.
A rather unsavory fellow has been offering powers of historic nature stating they will be available to bid on a few days after 2 full moons. "They have to bake, they have to shake, want to heal? Want to deal? They will be steady, they will be ready, want to see? Want to be?" Those that tried to enter into negotiations with the fellow have not been seen again.
The people are most grateful to the heroes that saved the city of Durgar these few days ago. However there have been reports of carnivores attacking and rampant diseases. They think it might have something to do with all the dead bodies that were torn apart and hung in trees.
Throughout the Realms talk of a new shop has been spreading. Named the Bottle & Dagger, this shop supposedly sells a lot of miscellaneous goods, from playing cards to potion bottles and jewelry and even crafting materials. Villagers claim it worth the look to see what new things pop up for sale. Some have begun speculating at how the seller came across these items, some ponder perhaps stolen and redistributed while others believe the sellers story of finding these items on his travels. Perhaps it best to locate the store and find out for yourself?


The grander pylon is near its completion for the Black and White of 1019. M.R., although no one has seen the foremen in months. Skilled workers are still following the plans as best as possible, as there were drawings besides the common words. The so-called "portable" pylon has not yet been unveiled.
Chimeron merchants have reported a string of small break-ins while running errands. It appears small trinkets and alchemical supplies have gone missing.
Reports have come in from Chimeron and the surrounding area of a tiny model town appearing mysteriously and disappearing the next day. Weak magic practitioners in the area of the sightings report their magics were disrupted by the incidents and several have said they felt very ill around the time of the model town's appearance and disappearance.
A director has been seen lately at the local bar crying into their drink, muttering something about the perfect show, but no available actors.
Two young teens have been seen sneaking around the woods together lately. Their families are  known longtime enemies with competing taverns. If one of their fathers caught on it might turn bloody.

[Eagle’s Rook]

Six soldiers along with their captain, were lost to ever-more dangerous portals/gates that appear, disappear, and reappear without warning. The portals, if they can truly be called that (although all magical identifications claim it to be so), are getting "bolder" in that they have started to exit the forests and show up in lands near to it. People are warned if they should come upon one to stay away, get away however you can, and if possible report to the nearest guard.

[Teng Hua]

Abuse of Tenghuanese spirits is highly frowned upon, but not illegal. It is rumored that the land turns on those who perform these acts. Blights, disappearances, forest fires, or the land swallowing cities whole- the lands are spiteful, and will not hesitate to cut themselves to pass their judgement.

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