Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What You Missed- Rhiassa Presents: Queen of Hearts XXVI

by Renee "Kindrianna" Booke

My feet are on fire, my muscles are sore,
But I can still tell you a story of war.
Three teams took the field for a chance to compete
But to win Queen of Hearts is no quick easy feat.

First was Team Shadowdragon, all warriors true,
Their shields all stood tall and their thrown weapons flew.
The swift Athlete Vee ran as fast as a deer,
And One-Woman Lupa pierced through foes like a spear.

Shandar commanded a Legion united,
And over the weekend Daekara was knighted.
Elizah, an Ace, broke restriction and won,
And Wrath took on challengers until there were none.

Next was Team Shader, a fun and fierce lot,
They picked up their pikes and threw shot after shot.
Temorse kept friends safe from behind giant shield,
And Damion’s role as the Rat was concealed!

Raynor told us the story of a three-legged pig,
And Eldritch’s mantle hid a drink for a swig.
Twenaria had a dragon she could wear on her back,
While Tor inspired the team to lead the attack.

Last was Team Serra, who became Goldenduck!
Full of talented people, some spirit, and luck.
Kingslayer Kyomi remained true to her name,
And the Mayerling archers watched the field and took aim.

Janus took on a fighter and the crowd made some noise,
While I got pulled into squads and “stuck in with the boyz.”
Soarin sewed chaos with a clutch Cry of Life,
And Muursha made paintings, giving legends new life.

In the end, it was Aiden who won the day.
Team Shadowdragon triumphed and held us at bay.
With tears in his eyes, he thanked every friend,
And Queen of Hearts Twenty-Six was brought to an end.

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