Thursday, January 9, 2020

Stacked Deck What You Missed Part 2 - Gambling

by James "Tao" Murphy

It was a dark and stormy day
Sixteen players came to play
Some questers came to find the stuff
Wooden golems in the rough
Some dealers came to earn gold lots
Some cooks came to, um, plug in crock pots?

We drew for seats at ten and thirty, each of the players starting their strategy to where they were going to sit. They earned the choice of seats based on how well they did throughout the year. Two tables of 8 players were determined.

Each player was presented with a glass that had their name which they could use to show where they would be sitting. As they were eliminated, they were presented with a decal with the number they came out of the tournament. Better than certificates.

While poker was the main event, we also had the full Clontarf casino available, Blackjack, let-it-ride, Roulette, and for a to brief 12 minutes, craps. (anyone want to learn how to deal craps? Contact me)

Before play started a few players placed bets on who they though would win or at least come in top 3, there were several surprises throughout the day that made many of these bets easy money for the house, err, not very successful. Better luck next year.

(if you wish to place any interesting bets on how the new season will end, please contact Tao)

With all players seated play started at 11, round after round players kept at it, the first to drop was a crowd favorite and the 1018 season champion Sir Avendar. He had lost a lot of chips on a hand that almost anyone else would have as well, both players had two pair, aces over, but unfortunately for him it was decided by the second pair, and queens won out over threes.

While I did not keep track of everyone’s place a few notables got my attention. The 1017 season champion Sir Zatarra, lasted to almost half the field, leaving just before the players united to one table after 5 hours of play.

About this time judging happened for those that brought something for the potluck. There were several ties in categories, and I hope I was able to award everyone first place gold to anyone who brought something. (If I missed you, or you left before “dinner break” come find me)

When the tables combined Sir Mathies the 1015 season champion had a sizable chip stack, possibly the biggest on the table, but he alas he went “card dead” and his stack dwindled until he finished 5th on an all-in blind hand. It was the hand to do it with he had an ace. But Jayce had a played a Queen Nine, and the board had the rest of the cards necessary for him to have the straight.

This left Jayce, Rilan, Runaris, and Belle. All had had their ups and downs. Chip stacks had gone back and forth. It was not the final four I think anyone expected and it turned out to be quite exciting.

Fourth place went to Belle (145 gold) who was competitive right to the end. Her play has changed over the last few years, and she constantly made moves and bets that confounded the rest of the players. “I don’t know her 5k bet means”

When third place went out it was a hand that could have happened to anyone. No raise preflop, just the blinds played. The board came: six, six, six. Rilan checked, Runaris checked, the turn came: eight. Bet-raise-all in-call, Rilan showed he had the eight for a full house, but Runaris had the 4th six. Quads won the hand and Rillan came out third (and collated 430 gold).

When Runaris took out Rillan he acquired quite a chip stack and in these situations, it is usually just a mater of time. Jayce held out, made some moves, and survived for quite a while, but eventually they both found hands they thought had a chance of winning.

Jayce walked away with 860 gold in second place

Congratulations to Runaris the 1019 season stacked deck winner who ended up with something special after winning the final hand with just and Ace seven.

Sir Tao Ya Kang
Gamblers Guild