Friday, January 3, 2020

Social Question: New Year

"What is your character's resolution for the new year 1020?"

Fenris, who is known as Pilpus: My goal for the New Year is to celebrate and honor all of our communities amazing triumphs by going above and beyond them in the current year. I toast to emboldening our strengths and capitalizing on the weaknesses of those who would see us harmed, and to enjoying a bug-free grove for the first time in to long.

Vesper: The overall improvement of the casters of Blackwood. As well as embodying the qualities of being a Knight of Blackwood.

Eamon: “I’m just going to wing it and see what happens!”

Tao: To get his memory back.

Saegan: To work on leadership skills, as well as help the people of Blackwood grow.

Elizah: To continue to learn from and train with my mentors, rekindle old and build new relations and continue to give back to my community.

Wynn: To help more with the serious business that goes on. Life's all fun and cake but there's a time when one needs to put on a serious face when dealing with danger. Also, to learn how to be a proper lady at times and hold tea parties. And lastly, learn more about Luna!

Mogar: -Draws a series of images that looks like bones, a skull, a boar, and a sun.-

Isla: To get more kiddos involved in quests.

Kindrianna: To stand as a mountain against the forces of evil that would threaten Voraniss...and to help each of my kin grow strong in body, mind, and spirit.

Hildegard: acquire more lions. Keep ship in not-leaking state. Work more on neurodiversity guild projects. Maybe stab something for once.

Bree: I resolve to spend my time this year like I did last year, giving my time and energy to those who matter most and figure out just what I am doing with the title I just straddled myself with.

Loken: This year I would like to resolve to highlight newer adventurers while adventuring. They will one day be responsible for its safety, and want to help make sure that the Realms is in good hands when I'm gone.

Raynor: To go to more fight practices.

Freija: I resolve to be less of a hermit and to try and contribute more to the realms and Rhiassa.

Kiara: To continue enjoying time with my friends and chosen family 💗