Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Boff Brawl - Round 12

The winner of Boff Brawl Round 11 was: Radstar with Skeletor!

Winners so far:
Round 1: Avendar with Lion-o
Round 2: Freija with Aang
Round 3: Raynor with Finn
Round 4: Kindrianna with Leonardo
Round 5: Kovaks with She-ra
Round 6: Tao with Samurai Jack
Round 7: Saegan with Korra
Round 8: Kyro with Skeletor
Round 9: Saka with Kora
Round 10: Malaki with Aang
Round 11: Radstar with Skeletor

Now it's time for Round 12!

Player 1 - Umbra. Character, Shredder.
Strategy: I’d tell him to use the plastic straws!

Player 2 - Grindin. Character, Jake.
Strategy: Oh, I'd pick Jake fo' sho'. Turn into a giant hammer and smash smash smash. If anyone used a sword he would nimbly avoid it with his shape shifting powers.

Player 3 - Janus. Character, Garnet.
Strategy: Use time magic... um... I mean... Future Vision. It's hard to lose when you know all the moves an opponent is going to make.

Player 4 - Tirvanel. Character, Zuko.
Strategy: I'd probably pick Zuko due to knowing him, and I'd tell him to play it safe and let others pick each other off.