Thursday, April 30, 2020

Boff Brawl - Round 13

The winner of Boff Brawl Round 12 was: Janus with Garnet!

Winners so far:
Round 1: Avendar with Lion-o
Round 2: Freija with Aang
Round 3: Raynor with Finn
Round 4: Kindrianna with Leonardo
Round 5: Kovaks with She-ra
Round 6: Tao with Samurai Jack
Round 7: Saegan with Korra
Round 8: Kyro with Skeletor
Round 9: Saka with Kora
Round 10: Malaki with Aang
Round 11: Radstar with Skeletor
Round 12: Janus with Garnet

Now for Round 13!

Player 1 - Razmuth. Character, Garnet.
Strategy: Where she lacks in long range, she far and away makes up for in close range combat. She has incredible speed, strength, durability, and reaction speed (due to her ability to predict the future). I would have her use her speed and precognition to close the gap and swiftly dispatch her opposition, even if her opponent can attempt to fly away she can shape shift into something that can fly in order to give chase.

Player 2 - Grey. Character, Zuko.
Strategy: I like the cut of that young man's jib. I tell him to be thoughtfully aggressive. Use a mix of his kung fu and fire powers.

Player 3 - Mathies. Character, Skeletor.
Strategy: My fight strategy would be to have him use his magical abilities to summon magical constructs to engage hand to hand combat. I would then tell him to use the Havoc Staff to unleash balls of magical energy. Also any creatures sent against him, he would use magic to transmute them into harmless woodland creatures

Player 4 - Elizah. Character, She-ra.
Strategy: I would choose She-Ra. According to what I discovered about her, she has "super-human strength, enhanced speed & reflexes, and near-invulnerability." She can communicate with animals telepathically!? I mean, who wouldn't want that?  She also has the ability to heal injuries?? Sounds useful to me.  Lastly, she can even transform her chief weapon, "The Sword of Protection," into other weapons, which we can choose based off of her competitors.    
What would my strategy be? She would probably have Swift-Wind on stand by as flying may come in handy. Other than that since The sword of protection is her primary means of attack and defense, I would tell her to just go for it attempting to close any distance between herself and her opponent as she would only have her sword. She would adapt the sword to whatever would be needed in that specific time. If at any point she was overwhelmed she would call in Swift-Wind, fly off, heal and return to the battle.