Friday, September 11, 2020

What You Missed - Tales of Teng Hua-ish

by Jason "Malaki" Gray

It was our pleasure to host you all on behalf of the Emperor, and to help impart more knowledge to your people about the land of Teng Hua.

We are not often used to teaching foreigners, and we hope that you found our game format as entertaining as it was educational.

For those of you that were not able to attend, we covered information relating to various provinces of Teng Hua, notable families and the resources they trade in, the Items of Regalia, Yosei, current threats to Teng Hua, and other tidbits of information.

It was our pleasure to find that His Majesty King Alexander Cecil was quite witty and knowledgeable. His Majesty also has our sincerest apologies that someone dared to impersonate him towards the end of the lesson.

In Service,
Ando Jin
Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Thanks to everyone who attended the mini virtual event. We were hoping to provide a couple of hours of light role play entertainment, and provide an opportunity for players to get information without any concern for us being tricksy ;)

The event consisted of several rounds of custom questions in the game Quiplash 2, all related to Teng Hua, with the exception of that pesky third round, but even then, all of our players did a great job keeping answers as IC as they could.

From our perspective, this experiment was pretty successful and something we are likely to try again. Thanks for playing along with our crazy ideas.

ToTH Staff