Thursday, September 10, 2020

Favorite Folkestone Memories

Labor day weekend has always been Folkestone weekend! Though we can't get together this year, we want to mark the passing of the weekend with a special tribute.

Below are some favorite memories from Feast of Folkestone/ Folkestone Questing that were shared by members of the community. As an added fun bonus to this post, see if you can guess which players wrote these! (This was totally planned by the way and not at all the result of my forgetting to put a line on the Google form for IC/ OOC name, nope, not at all...)


"Chimeron's quest in to Jonas Cooke's vault. Specifically the victorious march back and presenting Cecil's crown to him and explaining to him what happened. It's one of my favorite Realms memories, not just Folkestone Questing memories."

"How can a man choose among the stars of the sky?
In no particular order, some are Tao, some are npc, one is even Deadmoon.
The first time Blackwood as a nation marched into the feast hall behind Dark
Taking a ride in a trailer, in the dark, down a bumpy dirt road
Escaping hell, finding Fey, wanting to go back to hell
12 hour castle siege
Realizing one table was not going to be enough space
Breaking the demon line
Getting the crown back
Getting a pie
Leading the charge in a black mask and a red shirt
Fighting on the dock in the middle of the night
Watching shadow ascend
Killing the knot demon
No weapons at the sacrifice
In the lands of the grey man
Elements, first on, then off
Handing the dagger off
Helping a giant fall
Margaritas at dinner (off site)
A field full of grave markers."

"The slide events, hands down."

"One of my favorite memories over the year was definitely a ritual battle that happened during the night quest while every one else was fighting a chaotic fight. It was a chance to interact with enemy NPCs in ways we hadn't before while also directly impacting the rest of the quest in a way I haven't seen since."

"I yelled at a demon that I'd pee on him once."

"I always loved when there was an intense bidding war in the auction over something great like armor or a potential magic item."

"Out of the dozens I have as both staff and a player, I will try to choose only two.
Jarrod in a coconut bra!
Running with Shalindra dead in to the Blade Nightclub without her getting her regional clue because, us being us, we assumed we were in Mortal Combat world. Nope, we ran right in to the feeding den of the vamps.
Opening my big mouth and letting my soul be bound to another quite by accident. I should have waited to hear about the consequences.
Telling fortunes to players and becoming an accidental Plot Hook as Sharti the Voodoo Priestess.
Dropping the curtain to reveal the Grey Lady."

"Grabbing a Death bunny tail 😁"

"We were in the field and I think we were on "rocks" and I can't remember why or how we got off. However, I do remember that it was about 80° and I had Nos and Rubis near me. Nos called me over....I hopped the "rocks" I think and him and Rubis convinced me to "take one for the team" and before I knew it, I got a pie to the face for a spell reset. All I know is that a whipped cream pie all over you in 80° heat is sticky and smelly. I was never so happy to take a shower then that day."

"Um, giant bowl of chocolate trifle, obviously."

"The side quest Eagle's Rook was taken on to the Plane of Shadow as part of Shadowking plot will always be one of my favorite Realms memories."

"I’ve told this story a bunch of times, but this is a good excuse to tell it again. I can only assume it was at a Folkestone Questing.

It was probably my first year in the game. We were fighting in the castle and trying to break through the wall (the back door) to escape, it needed like a few hundred hits to smash through. Before long there came a call for hammers to help break it.

Now it just so happened that I had my hammer. If you haven’t seen this thing, ask me about it. So I hear this call for hammers and decide I’ll go help. I lift it into the air and start wading through everyone. There’s laughing and cheering as I make my way to the back. I have no idea how much damage they had done before I got there, but I took a swing and the wall “shattered away”. It was very exciting as a new player and probably one of my favorite memories of the game overall."

"Sitting around after the night quest and going on smores quest with my friends."

"I have a tie, for playing as Saka:

1) Accompanying Sir Wil to scout the woods for torches that needed to be either protected or put out. I honestly can't remember which we were doing. I was a fairly new player still and didn't know the Folkestone site yet. The forest paths were dark and threatening, the weather was great, and Sir Wil was (and still is) Sir Wil. Getting to tag along with him for the mission felt like a privilege, and I enjoyed getting his tour of how all the forest paths interconnected with various landmarks.

2) Being on the team to infiltrate Jonas Cooke's vault and retrieve the Crown. It was a difficult quest, the NPCs and staff were excellent, and much of what my fellow players pulled off would probably feature in their highlight reel of Realms questing accomplishments if that was a thing we had. It was exhausting, energizing, and a ton of fun."

"When I married Jonas Cooke. I had a lot of fun in that plot and that whole weekend was full of ups and downs but overall fantastic!"

"The 'Slip Sliding Away' years were my favorites. Specifically when we ended up in television land with all the different genres. The sports one where we had jugging was amazingly fun, even if I didn't get to participate and was just my team's magic item caddy. Watching my friends have a blast out there was awesome!"

"When Zula threw his shield at my while playing a Captain America NPC."