Friday, September 4, 2020

Home Questing: the Fifteenth Task - Results!

Hi everyone.  This week I asked you for the best slogan for the war against the Risen Kingdom.  And we got some great submissions.

First, from Orion we received this:

Lift Up the Risen People, Strike Down the Fallen King

Then from DelHemar we got:

They came through our dreams,  we've become their nightmare.

Our penultimate submission from Cressida was:

And last, but most certainly least is Janus’ submission.

They may have risen, but we will ensure they will fall.

With all of these slogans, and within the context of an inter-planar war, there was one person I went to with experience on this: Rosetta.  Take it away.

Orion made a slogan that I could hear in a song. It would also make a very good call-and-response. 5/5, would follow into battle.

DelHemar boosts our esteem while at the same time encoding key information about the enemy, so that even someone who joins the battle in the middle has enough context to start asking questions to learn more. 5/5, inspiring and educational.

Cressida uses a pun on a key spell and I can easily hear it in my head being shouted before leading a charge, but it could also be said quietly, bolstering someone where it would not be appropriate to yell. 5/5, it reminds us why we're there.

Janus... You can't just take the slogan we were using, go back in time and erase it from the timeline, then throw out this challenge and expect to win using it! Disqualified. Does turn their own name against them nicely, though, doesn't it?

Oops, I seem to have neglected to provide a ranking. Well, and this clearly is not arbitrary at all, I would rank Orion's first (5 points), DelHemar's second (4 points), and Cressida's third (3 points). But really, 5/5s all around.

Thanks Rosetta.  And now for my review:

In third place (3 points), I would put Orion.  It is a solid slogan, with a good pun about rising and falling, but personally to me did go quite as far as the other two.

In second place (4 points), I would put DelHemar.  It’s a great play of words with our dreams and their nightmares.

In first place (5 points),  I would put Cressida.  The use of imagery along with a reference to combat raise dead and referencing the true conflict going on.

Finally, Rosetta caught on to Janus’s ruse, thus he is disqualified.

So, after including the points for participation, that leaves us at 9 points each for Orion, DelHemar and Cressida.

See you all next week!