Friday, January 8, 2021

Rumors for January 1021

[Across the Realms]

A person identifying himself as Sandor Iowathe has been heard looking for explorers interested in walking the mysterious Shifting Path that now has an entrance in Faerie. He says to meet him at the upcoming Market Day.


There are many towns that lay on the outskirts and outside of the protection of the Gentry. Scores of families who, while living in relative peace due to the protections of greater people, are simply trying to live out their lives in what level of happiness they can. It is in these outlying towns, which are routinely overlooked, that corruption and evil can germinate. 

Perhaps black tents fly near a town. Or a mysterious stone circle is uncovered. New faces wander among them from unknown origins. There is rumor, speculation. And what are the strengths of humanity, its curiosity and its desire, becomes the weakness that is preyed upon. Chaos and despair in lost places are rarely ever seen or heard. 

Amidst the tragedy and stress of the past year, many quiet towns have grown absent in the ranks and scrolls of taxes and tithes or goods. Sometimes, it is just communication: travel is not what it used to be. In some cases, towns seem to have simply been abandoned. This too can happen with sickness, bad crops or just not enough people to sustain a healthy community.


The heavy fog surrounding the mountains and forests near the Faedraw River have been glowing an eerie shade of red. A few nights later the fog subsided completely. The scouts who originally investigated the area have not returned and have been missing for a month.