Friday, January 8, 2021

Why I Want To Go: Market Day in Fae 2

 By Ryan "Orion" Welch

Can you believe that we’re hardly a week into the new year and there’s already an event to write about? (Actually yeah, I do believe it because RealmsNet says so.) I’m very happy to have so many creative minds in this community who create content with the same inevitable dedication as the turning of The Wheel itself.

This weekend marks the second Market Day in Fae -- and yes, it’s the WHOLE weekend! Does that sound like too much for you? Don’t worry, because the event staff has made it very easy for you to drop in and out as you please. Following the structure of a typical three-day event, Market Day opens at 5pm on Friday with an appetizer tray of modular content. Saturday morning kicks off a day full of encounters, puzzles, and of course: vending! I understand that there will even be a Night Quest! (??!?!). Sunday … well, I have no idea what to expect from Sunday. Without the usual site cleanup and stuff-packing to contend with, I expect that the third day will be as rich as the preceding 36-ish hours.

This seasoned and successful event team always creates interesting events which, in a very faerie-like matter, often wander from the path of the typical in fascinating and engaging ways. I expect the Market Day sequel to be no different in this respect. Virtual though they may be, I am looking forward to wandering around the stalls and, especially, discovering all of the things which peek out between them.