Monday, February 13, 2012

Question of the Week - 27

What do you think of new combat calls? Do you like them as they add something extra to encounters? Or do you dislike them as they add too much confusion? Is there such a thing as too many new combat calls and if so, where would you draw the line?


  1. As far as the system goes for standard calls, I think we are in a pretty good place. But special calls at an event can add a lot if done right.

    I feel like having a few special calls at an event can be a great thing, maybe even more if its a long running plot line and people are familiar with it. What I don't like is when an event is overloaded with them, or there are special calls that only change the flavor of the spell, not its mechanic (ie. "Firebolt" being the same thing as a Lightning bolt mechanically, but being a separate call). If your going to use the same mechanic of an existing call, change the prop to add flavor, people tend to like props, not having to remember 10 different calls in the middle of combat.

  2. Special combat calls can and should be just that, special.

    They can either take away from a already great event with convoluted calls and frustrating effects or they can add a little something something to help sell a theme you want at your event.

    All in all well balanced calls can be great but should be used sparingly.

  3. i dont like new combat calls in general. i think that event specific is fine but am against complicating the omnibus with more calls. everyththing that we really 'need to do' is already covered, and if EH's want to add things at events they have that freedom, but i would caution them against getting too complicated

    henry / guilliam

  4. Variety is the spice of unlife. A couple new combat calls never hurts and can make an event more memorable, as long as there aren't too many and they aren't too complex.

  5. I like Cal's answer.

    There should be a compelling reason that they are needed on an ic level.

    I also really like Ben's proposal that they be required to be in writing somewhere on site to help make sure they are understood by all.

  6. I think they can add nice flavor to an event, but there can't be to many and don't make them complicated. And if you are going to put in new special calls I actually want to see them durning the course of the event.