Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why I Want To Go - TOC 21

TOC 21: I Was There?
May 23, 2014 (Friday 3pm) - May 26, 2014 (Monday 3pm)
Event Type: Tournaments/Questing

This is the first of the "must-go-to" events as we reach the heaviest eventing cycle of the season. This event has a deserved reputation as the event with everything - lots to keep a person busy and having fun. As usual there are plenty of combat tourneys (which also give Order of the List points), as well as a wide assortment of non-combat tourneys as well. There is questing in the evenings and dinner/feast as well. Kid events are also planned so you can bring everyone to this event. Make sure to check out the event write-up to learn more about the specialized tourneys that you might want to put some extra prep into, such as the 'campfire dessert cooking', 'siege equipment tourney' or magic the gathering tourneys. Be there...everyone else will be.

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