Monday, May 26, 2014

Question of the Week - 146

If money was no hindrance, what garb/accessory would you buy?


  1. A black or dark blue leather Cricket jerkin that went down to lower shin or ankle length, with blue piping if it was black, and yellow-gold piping if it was dark blue. It would have sterling silver hook & eye locks in the front from neck to navel. It would have a priest or locked style collar for it, but the last lock there would be a silver fleur-de-lis instead of just hook-and-eye. It would have cuffed sleeves styled like a Sailor Soldier, and even then it would have a detachable hood that I could put up when it rains, or I can detach and hook to a belt to make a snazzy Deep Pocket. On the back across the neck, shoulders, and shoulder blades would be my favorite quote from Paul Coehlo from The Alchemist, written entirely down in futhark, in silver and smallish font. That way, not only is it interesting on the back, I've got my armored cloak covered if I ever wanted to take that spell. Did I mention the yellow-gold lining that had very small pockets to carry my meds/asthma gun, my cell-phone, some cash and an extra set of keys in case of OOC emergency, and a spot for a spell-book and tiny components?

    Hey, you did say if money was no object. :)

  2. Garb? That's easy enough: For Freesia I would flush out a new look. I've been working on the super classy armored dress/skirt idea for her. Not many details right now, but there would be chain and leather involved.

    Accessory? Well, does a camp ground count as an accessory? Because I would buy one of those.

  3. I had to cancle my special garb order along with the vaca to FL and NH this yeae due to money restrictions. If that was not the case then I had ordered two large-hand-embroidered belt favors. These would have included Blackwood and Hemenshire heraldry. I had also dreamed up a personal standard which is also on the back burner. I also want special leather shoes. Hmm. Also wanted a completely different set of garb in a swashbuckle style ;-)