Monday, May 19, 2014

Question of the Week - 145

What is the favorite NPC role you have played?


  1. Lavender Brown, top student at Hogwarts.

  2. My personal favorite was "the child". Me and Steve M threw an event back in the late 99 (or was it 00?) that I've forgotten the name of (because I'm old and these things happen). It was one of the final events to defeat Pathos, and there was a lot of dimension travel going on. Not a one of the plot points lasted more than an hour, and the next dimension would be barely related to the one that just ended. It was nifty, we had loads of costume changes and piles of nifty stuff (even a castle made of hay bales to fight in!)
    The pc's encountered a tomb, where a mage, a healer, a knight, and a child were sleeping. They were the last survivors of their race, and each of them held the complete characteristics of the facet of their race they were representing. I got to play the child, as I'm short and could do a decent little kids voice. Sadly, I had made myself horse in the previous encounter, so I was pushing it a bit.

    The pc's had to wake each of us up, in a fashion befitting the iconic role we were playing. A mage spell cast would wake the mage etc... Since I was playing a child, when they tried to wake me up I rolled over and said "mom, 15 more minuets". The pc's rolled with it, and it was pretty cool. They offered me pancakes. :)

    Once we were awake, they needed an item from each of us, and they had to earn our favor to get it. Again, in an iconic fashion. Show the knight honor or duel him etc...
    Me, I wanted a toy. Also, I'm a jerk. I knew that Dame Rebecca Silver of Qua Terath Nuna had a stuffed dragon in her belt, that she never parted with. This was before the days of Familiar spells, so toys weren't common place. I figured I could totally cause some angst and woe over the dragon and it would make for an amusing scene. But, never underestimate a PC. Earlier that summer, an event had small cans of play dough as props. Someone had saved theirs. I was presented with three cans of it before I could say "Bob's your Uncle"

    Its my favorite NPC role, because of how the PC's dealt with the situation. It was great, and I still have one of those cans of play dough.

  3. Well now:

    Let's start with Sclos, half dragon daughter of Lolth. She was originally written to be a One Shot/Event NPC/Bad Guy. I was given clear goals, and clear powers, 3 or 4 years later, Sclos was defeated. She was the ultimate in "middle child" syndrome. Thank you to Maryanne Betie for the chance to play someone so rad!

    Let's move on to Sharti, the Voodoo priestess on the docks at Folkestone Questing. Originally meant as a flavor piece, she turned into a minor plot device. With the MM and Head NPC standing by they listened to my 'fortunes' some parts of the event changed for some players wrapped up in every aspect.
    She is still floating around, and makes appearances now and again upon request (have a request?).

    Finally, the best of the best... Amato!
    With Jason Gray at my side there was no stopping the best Insectifae around. Seriously, Janna said "Here is the part, you get to NPC and play because of Q and Phoenix, here are your powers, and go!" Not only were we NPCs, but Jason and I got to play the plot with very little inside knowledge beyond what our Character was (We were/are Amato). It was not only the most immersive role, it was the most enjoyable.
    I have never had as much fun as that. Also, Guilliam très chouette!

  4. Probably gotta go with Starmaw Byecross, because she ended up graduating to being my alt. Teehee.

    Second favorite would probably be the blind priestess I played at Dark Dissent because I got to sing creepy lullabyes and freak people out.

  5. I did not have the pleasure of playing a lot of high roles. I enjoyed last ToC where I played Friedrich a goblin shawman of sorts who often spoke in broken German. I was amused at how many people knew German lol.

    When I was about 15 I teamed up with my friend Chris and the two of us played "Shark Knights." We used an odd sound to comunicate from the darkness. We hit behind cleaverly placed glowsticks to jump people. Worked great.

    My favorite role came from Beth. I was a Raider (just a crunchy with 1 point of armor). I did not like a smaller group of NPCs and besides that was a "Raider" so, I ended up killing both. To kill the other NPCs I needed blunt weapond. We had none so that left the PCs. I could not steal regular hammers and I saw none that were stealable. I convinced, demanded, that a PC give me their hammer. It was fun.