Thursday, April 23, 2015

How Well Do You Know Chimeron??

1.  How many leaves are on the heraldry?

2.  How many reigning monarchs have there been?

3.  How many sub-nations CURRENTLY make up Chimeron (note, this is the groups themselves, not the lands on the map)?

4. How many lands are CURRENTLY beholden to the Crown of Chimeron?

5.  How many Avatars of Chimeron are there?

6.  How did the Kingdom of Chimeron historically come into existence?

7.  Who was the famous member of the Order of the Spoon that King Oberon himself stole away to create a sumptuous feast of no equal then or since (Feast of Chimeron X)?  Bonus: what were some of the dishes that they made?

8.  Why did the Chimeronian heraldry turn black with a white rowan leaf for a time?

9.  How many Knights of the Eternal Flame are CURRENTLY within Chimeron, and what are their names?

10.  Who are the King's Twelve, and how did they get that title?

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