Tuesday, April 21, 2015

WIWTG Feast of Chimeron XXIII

Huh.  This event is older than a serious percentage of you.  That's distressing on some level, but mostly lends credence as to why you should go.

Chimeron as a whole has set a standard for culture in our game.  The past has shown us game-setting plots (Fae plot, anyone?), amazing foods, and challenging quests.

While it is hard for every single year to hold up to these standards, this year should be wonderful.  The kitchen will be staffed by experienced folk who know how to handle a ladle.  It will be headed by someone who has no worries wearing an apron with pride.

The rumor is that we will see the beginnings of a new plot this year, and everyone wants to be in on the ground floor for that!

Great food, great plot.  Just go, it should be a great time.

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