Friday, September 18, 2015

A Call to Arms - Creathorne

by Andy "Sir Shean O'Quinnlin" Disbrow

The heraldry represents the people as a Nation of Creathorne. A gray/silver shield, 1/3rd between is a black middle (fesse) with three bear heads, two above the fesse and one below; the heads are severed not torn. All thee bear heads face right as you wear it, and are muzzled in gold. To the left and right of the shield are two Unicorn Supporters. 

OOC: the shield, muzzled bear heads and fesse are from the Disbrow/Disbrowe/Desbrough family crest, altered for realms. IC: the original heraldry for the O’Quinnlin sons: John, Don and Shean (just the shield with the bear heads and muzzles). Step-siblings or those adopted are not part of the heraldry.

  • the gray/ silver Shield: cleanliness, wisdom, innocence, peace and joy. 
  • the Black Divider (fesse):  military stripes or Belt of Valor.   
  • the Bear heads: the emblem of strength, cunning and cruelty in the protection of the clan. A bear is also a symbol of healing and personal health and bravery.  
  • the Muzzles: are to represent non scalping and the Gold color meaning by law OR  bound by the gods from scalping.    
  • the supporters were later Added When the Nation of Dragonsbane was dissolved and Creathorne was founded in 1993.    
The unicorn supporters:  In part they are a symbol of purity and virtue. They are unchained to display that the force of nature is free and untamed. The lands that Creathorne has were authorized by Prince Robbert II and after his departure from the Realms a formal alliance was signed by Creathorne with both Queen Marguerite of Chimeron and King Tithan of Verai. These unicorn supporters, therefore, also follow the heraldic tradition of being of “supporters that are typically an example of special royal favour”. It was at that time that the nation of Creathorne added the supporters to the heraldry.  

During early Realms, the monarchies at the time asked Creathorne to join them. The decision was made to not do so along with the rest of “The Free North”. Unicorns were chosen to represent not just Moonglade Forrest where Sir Shean came from, but also to represent that we are a Free Nation. They are the emblem of the Incarnation or of the fearsome Creature, often unpredictable. Unicorns are not widely used in early heraldry. At this time Creathorne is the only heraldry in Realms with supporters.  

      Members of the country go through a petitioning process that follows the heraldry’s progression through time and in some cases back to the beginning of the nation. When one comes to join the nation they get a petitioner's tabard with no shield or bears that is just black and gray, as they progress they later receive a tabard with the shield and bears; some were worn by early members of Creathorne in the 90’s. When they become a citizen of the nation they receive the full heraldry with the supporters and are able to vote within the nation.

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