Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What You Missed - Feast of Blackwood VI (photos)

"Good thing you guys are here! We need your help."
  We meet this totally trustworthy looking fellow by the first challenge we stumble across.

"But what does it say?"
Trying to decipher the scroll at the Cassidocious Library while the man himself looks on.

"Look what I found on the ground! Is this a clue??"
 So hard to find good help these days....

"I think it might be written in invisible ink."

"You know, I really think this is a clue." "You sure about that?"

One of the Blue challenges - 500 sit-ups and 500 push-ups per person
(Totally just kidding. It was 500 of each total for the whole group)

A rather lengthy To-Do list

"I don't think we brought enough pikes."
 One of the red groups tries the Red challenge bridge battle again.

Another Blue challenge - obstacle course in the woods

Another martial Red challenge - the Antonine Wall

A whimsical lightening bolt fairy, flitting about.
 He really was throwing lightening bolts at people, and giggling while he did it. It's not like we were trying to kill him or anything like that...

 You know, I'm really not sure what was going on here...

A third Red challenge.... jugging!

[Editor's note: all photos by View staff]

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