Tuesday, September 1, 2015

WIWTG: Feast of Folkestone and Folkestone Questing; Dash of the Quill

This weekend starts with a bang.  It's probably going to be your belt popping off, if the Feastocrat holds true to his previous tactics.  Classically, this means an hour or so of rotating appetizers, some yummy soups, and then a direct lead-in to main courses.  Humanely, there is a break for the Folkestone auction before desserts are served.  Did you catch that "s" at the end?  Think dessert buffet.  In addition to too much food, there will be gambling at the fine casino of Sir Tao.  But you better not lose it all, you'll certainly want some gold for the all-gold auction, always a highlight of the non-food portion of the night.

Dress your finest, I'm sure the Order of the Peacock will be on the lookout for swanky outfits.

Rest up, on Saturday we swing right into Folkestone Questing.  Every year, this is one of the premier questing events to hit us.  Literally and figuratively.  This year brings us a tale of unrest in the plane which touches all planes, Hell.  How does this affect the lands of Valehaven?  You should probably know if you are venturing into certain danger this weekend.

Be prepared for serious questing, meaningful fights, intense role-playing, and making legends.

Do you like puzzles?  Here's a good one for you, it's bound to be helpful, if you can solve it.

(OOC note: If you can interpret this on an OOC level, your character has also figured this out, whether it be via research, magical means, or otherwise.  Feel free to use what ever tools you have.)

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