Tuesday, September 22, 2015

WIWTG: Feast of Blackwood

So, we all had a week off.  Maybe you hit the fair, went apple picking, picked on your friends at the fair, who knows?  But now its time to buckle down for some good old fashioned questing.  Ive heard wonderful things about the last few years of this event.  There's some serious horsepower dedicated to making sure this event is fun for you.  Roleplaying?  Yup, this group does that.  Props? Yup, they got that down pat.  Story?  Oh yeah, in spades.
And you know how the rest of this article reads.  If you don't like questing, stay for the food. All day Sunday you will be tempted by the finest foods in the land.  And, Id like to point out, one of the dishes from this feast tied for first place "Best Dish" int he View awards last year.  Just saying'.
Do NOT miss the food, it is absolutely fantastic.
Of course, there will be the casino to make of break your bank, so bring your gold.  There is also an auction, so save some of your gold for some goodies.  If fighting is your thing, the Tournaments of the Void will be hosting some fights good for Order of the List points.
everything is better with oak leaves
(opinion, while correct, does not necessarily reflect all persons on staff)

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