Friday, July 29, 2016

QoH 23 Crafting Special: Armourer Tourney

2016 Category: Bracer/ Greave Combo 

 Team Umbra Armourer entry
  • Steve and Meg Matulewicz
  • Original design created by combining Umbra's personal heraldry with Ashenmark heraldry. Hand tooled and dyed veg tan -circle and flames have a gold frost shimmer. Steve sized the pieces and added the hardware. This was my first attempt at tooling. -Meg 

Bracers with Umbra's heraldry

Close-up of tooling detail

Matched Set

Team Snake Cult entry
  • Alexa Lecko, with help from Carol Eddy

Woven leather bracers

Close-up of woven detail

Team heraldry front and center


Team Eris entry 
  • Henry Giasson, with Keith Cronyn and Rae Nistler
Bracers with Eris's personal heraldry

Bracer tooling close-up

Celtic knotwork apple elbow plate

Greaves with Invictus heraldry

Laurel wreath knee cap

Removable spellbook attached to right greave

Removable potion holder attached to left greave

Connected foot covers

Invictus tooling close-up

Project write-up provided by Guilliam

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