Thursday, July 21, 2016

What You Missed - W.I.G.O.H 2 (photos)

 [Editor's Note: all photos and captions by Michael "Swoop" Zajac]

Young adventurers prepare to enter The Dreaming

Site rules being announced

Crispin identifies our new-found friend SeFlicia

Flydian and company buy last minute scrolls at the scroll shop

SeFlicia, with time snarl

Sir Saegan waits to be guided through a treacherous maze

Throwing stuffed animals at people knocks them out, who knew?

The final few remain in the stuffed animal fight

The brave few who guided the blind through the maze on the right, with only *minimal* death!

And your prize for being the last standing in the stuffed animal fight? A new car! *ahem* I mean large cat!

Also a sweaty guy in leather who could use a water balloon induced bath

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