Friday, July 15, 2016

What You Missed - Neden Zombie Clean-up

by James "Sir Tao" Murphy 

 It was a tournament, it was a test of skill, it was a social experiment, it was an exciting day. We started the day outnumbering the zombies; this did not last. So in small groups and in singles we set out to kill zombies. It did not take long until we started to notice that some of the zombies had familiar faces. As our friends and companions fell to the horde they eventually rose and helped track us down. Every two hours the available space to fight and hide would get smaller and smaller. 

My plan was to be an early victim and transform into a record-keeping role. But I did find a very comfortable spot, and it was quiet, and well, I may have napped a bit. When I awoke there were not many of us left. As my napping spot was close to zombie central, I was able to overhear that only three of us were left. Congratulations to Vesper, who was the only one to survive all the way to the end, and to Sir Temorse, zombie killer extraordinaire. 

 [Editor's Note: photos by Dustin Mack]


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