Wednesday, July 27, 2016

QoH 23 Crafting Special: Banner and Heraldry

  Team Eris entry
  • Diana LaPierre
Eris's heraldry inside the laurel wreath

Bottom trim

True Supporter sash

Embroidered heraldry

More embroidered details

Queen's tabard with embroidered logo

Mage True Supporter garb item

Reversible to be re-usable

Team Umbra entry 
  • Tucker Noyes, Ryan Welch, Kelly Bonci
Team Umbra's banner

Stained glass effect

Close-up view

True Supporter tabard

Trim detail

Each supporter had his or her own symbol

Tabard detail

Team Snake Cult entry
  • Alexa Lecko


Heraldry close-up, vinyl on rip-stop

True Supporter tabard, forked tongue to go with snake theme

Tabard details

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