Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Monster Island, a History by James "Sir Tao" Murphy

Monster Island
By James Murphy

mysterious island by matty17art on DeviantArt

More than a couple of years ago, about the time Blackwood created the Necro-dragon “Fred” I started to have an idea of bringing together some of the best monster makers in the realms to make props for a quest event. I had conversations with a couple of them. A bit later I was helping Folkestone with the Shades plot and was introduced to the Shadow Titan.

So I stated to form an idea for an event. I had helped run the last Mythdranor and was a fan of that type of immersive event. Once the players entered Mythdranor they had fight and or think their way out, no stopping, no diner break, and no tents. Of course the Event Holders for those events swore (again) that they would never hold any more events like that (he he he).

Now as good as the prop makers I had in mind are, I knew I would need more then they could give, so I started asking just about everybody if I could borrow props. And wow, did the realms come through. I have more Dra…. Er, creatures then I know what to…. No, I know how I am using each and every one of them.

So I gathered some monster makers. I added the idea that the event will have 24 hour content. I asked to borrow a bunch of props. But, I needed a hook. Dagger had moved to Germany several years ago and was doing larps over there. He ended up in some sort of something and as fallout of that, “assassins” were sent over here to kill his king.  That was a couple of years ago, so this idea that the Realms would have to go take care of this thing became my McGuffin. Lets get the players on a boat, crash them on an island, and have them survive a continuous period while fighting monsters.

Now I have some incredible prop makers, some fantastic borrowed props, some fun encounters, and a type of event that does not happen very often.

This is going to be fantastic, stressful, sleep deprived, experience that will probably make me swear by Sunday that I will never hold this kind of event again. (Note: most of the past Eh’s are either helping me with this event or are playing it).

Hope you secured your spot on the boat and see you at boarding.

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