Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why I Want To Go: Avalon Questing

Im thrilled to see the idea of play and help come back to our schedule.   All too often we see the same people NPCing tirelessly over and over.  With this style of questing, everyone gets a chance to play, even the long haul NPCs.

This event is broken into three parts, each a story told by a different story teller.
Choose to help a friend find his lost love (they are only a little undead), meet the challenges presented by a mysterious woman (seriously, what could go wrong), or help find a missing daughter in some potentially haunted woods.  (Why not bring a picnic?)

No matter which two quests you play in, and which you choose to help in, this is a great event, especially for $10 ($8 if you pay via paypal)

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