Friday, February 24, 2017

Message in a Bottle

To anyone who is interested,

When Snake Cult required help when their nation’ members’ souls were taken during their festival, there was a tumbleweed(?) that contained a message in a bottle. With the help of Vesper and Lako, we were able to secure it. The message, stained in blood, read “SOS” and contained the coordinates 43.5174, -65.5717. Recently, at Feast of Creathorne, Toah and I casted a lot of seer magic at it. Here’s what was discovered:

  • The sender is dead
  • It is not accessible by foot
  • It is North, Northeast relative to Creathorne
  • It is not all the way across the ocean

It’s important to know that at this point into our investigation Toah heard a sea shanty as I was hearing shrieking. This would eventually lead to my right ear bleeding a bit

  • Someone knows we are trying to find them, they are in turn trying to find us, they know that we know someone that was what they want
  • (Using three precognitions at once, which should not be repeated) Toah saw an ocean during a sunset. After the sunset and bright flash appeared and he began to be covered in water. He also began to drown and what we would later learn was a siren’s voice whispered to him to and over the dark pirate/ pirate dressed in black.
  • He snapped out of his precognitions actually drowning to which I proceeded to push on his abdomen until he coughed the water up. However he only seemed to stop after a bright flash from his eyes.

I asked if he was okay to use his vision after that happened, he said he was fine.

  • Toah’s vision (which stopped both the Shanty and the shrieking) earned us a small chat with someone(?)
  • The dark pirate is Axel, who is the key for the Siren Queen to get her husband back.
  • Grebinar is the key for her Husband's insanity.
  • Her husband used to be the King of the Bronze Kingdom, which is approximately where the coordinates would lead us.
  • The king was cruel and when a powerful sword was constructed for him, he killed the maker(s?), Medhel an Gwyns.
  • The person we were talking to had hidden this sword

There is stuff we do not know still, such as where is this sword and who we were talking to, but Toah has exhausted his seer magic and I did not wish to push further with my own magics, as a lot of the question that were left were open-ended. However, we could go off of the current information, and head north when it is warmer, as the ice in the north may prevent us from going to where we have to. If the are more questions out there, feel free to find me at a Feast/Quest/Tournament and ask.

-Kara Akiak

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