Thursday, February 2, 2017

What You Missed - Viper Trials (photos)

Editor's Note: all photos and captions by Jason Rosa

The heroes enjoy gambling and socializing at the festival.

Players get ready for Snake Cult trivia.

Trivia teams facing off.

The heroes chase down a phoenix.

Watch out, turns out those phoenixes explode!

The minions of the corrupted snake champion attack.

Trapping the phoenixes in the pen.

Golems protect the corrupted obelisk.

Figuring out the runes needed to purify(ish) the obelisk.

The corrupted snake champion, adorned with the cursed runes of The Seamstress.
Growing a tree of life allowed the champion's connection to the plants to be purified.

The skeletal snake was a fearsome foe.

Victorious, the heroes claimed the snake's head.

The champion and his minions line up for the ultimate battle.

The heroes did not shy from the challenge.

Killing the minions to decode the puzzle to stop the corrupted champion.

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