Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Event-Holder's Council by Diana "Kiira" LaPierre

It's a world of mystery, privilege, and dispute. A battleground of ideas and good intentions, with some selfishness strewn in: The Event Holders Council. The fate of the game and its players tied to this single day of debate and discussion. 

 The environment can be described as combative by some and entertaining by others. Major things happen there! In recent years, there have been massive changes that were put into effect; some even bypass the EGC altogether. 

 Will weapons construction change? Will there be no cost buy downs? Will that crucial grammar mistake be fixed, or will it be left up to the Omnibus Editorial Committee? These questions and more will be answered on Saturday. 

There are many game changing proposals this year that could affect every player in the game. I know you may not be an event holder, but there are still ways to positively impact change in the game. You can talk to your friends who are EHs and give them pros and cons of the proposals up for discussion. You can let the Player's Representative that will be going to the EHC know your feelings about the proposals. If you did not make it to the Event Goers Council, you should let your voice be heard. 

Over my decade of attending the EHC, things have vastly changed. The politics of the game are different. There are less "voting blocks", where people are coerced into voting the same as friends. Parents vote differently than their children, wives vote opposite of their husbands. But some things have not changed. The Event Holders can still be the same kind of cruel, heartless Masters of Fate that we come to realize them to be. Let us not forget the oxymoron of Heal Undead Limb and the more recent battle with Heartiness(or is it Hardiness?). 

But in all seriousness, you may find yourself scratching your head, thinking Why didn't that proposal pass?! It would have been amazing! Event Holders have a different perspective on the game. They put in time, energy, and money to create the world we play in. If there is something they voted against, there may be a logical reason, and just ask someone who attended. If you're still not okay with the results, don't blame me. I am not attending. #leavingforFlorida #happiestplaceonearth #sorrynotsorry #throwaneventnextyear

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