Friday, May 12, 2017

What You Missed Chimeron Edition

What you Mist 
by Neil "Eldritch" Kusleika

I cannot tell you what you missed. I can only tell you of the meager slice of the many available adventures that I was able to experience in my journey to the Feast of Chimeron and the requisite Quests afterward to burn off all those calories. So here’s what you missed. Upon arrival I stowed my gear in one of the spacious and well-appointed cabins. I then staggered for some time through the dark and damp, my way lit through the golden mist by the occasional lamp post, in search of the elusive feast hall. Eventually I discovered the hall and entered the warmth and light of the Chimeron Court greeting friends and settling in for a delicious repast. 

The feast was varied and plentiful and none left hungry that night. The food was released from the kitchens like invading armies, wave after wave. To start there were breads and spreads, crackers and cheese. The soups were warming and delicious. There was a fine spinach salad. Fried zucchini with wasabi ranch sauce, sweet potato fries, caprese skewers, and meatballs. The sliders were a savory delight and the fried chicken and waffles were cooked to perfection. There was a variety of hot and chilled beverages to please all to wash this bounty down. The sweet finale was a combination of the King’s birthday cake that he was gracious enough to share, and as was chosen at Black and White last year, truffles in chocolate, s’mores, and buckeye iterations.

For those that managed to push away from the table there were games of skill as well as games of chance available for distraction, and a bardic contest was held from which Cressida emerged victorious and was made royal bard. .Although full force of the kitchen was felt during Friday’s feast, their labors and generosity continued to be enjoyed throughout the weekend as there was never a lack of delicious snacks to sate one’s hunger. After the feast Chimeron held court welcoming friends and travelers to their celebration, and dealing with matters of import and honor. Laika and Devyn were squired to the Knights of the Crown. Sir Bright donned the surcoat of Rua Thar Cinn. Kovax yielded her place as one of the King’s Twelve questers to Crispin, but was inducted into the royal house of Chimeron. 

The King also graciously received an envoy from the nation of Verai inviting his majesty and his followers to participate in friendly contest at North/South war this year. Other matters too were assuredly brought before the King but escape recollection due to my state of food coma. After what seemed but a moment’s sleep, the day of Chimeron Questing arrived. Adventurers bold and skilled sought to right several issues bringing woe to the lands of Chimeron and Fae. Due to earlier events where the Risen Kingdom gave rise to an iron road passing through the lands of Fae, a rather powerful Fae named Lord Goldmist was becoming increasingly unbalanced and troublesome in his behavior. 

The adventurers sought to find remedy for this problem using both their steel and their wits. The warriors of Ashenmark roamed the land seeking to put steel to wrong doers or other challenges worthy of their mettle. For quite some time. Things became much more exciting once I got away from them. We recovered a deed that might rebind a Fae to the land from a chest locked, and trapped and guarded. We did battle with trolls hurling boulders (one of which was magical stone and is now claimed by myself and Bohizz). We sought to return the lands to their proper balance, and make a few gold in the process. As the darkness fell and after the adventurers took rest and sustenance, we once again ventured into the lands to put things to right seeking out guidance and assistance from a Fae witch, with Rayne sacrificing Seed of Life for a year to power the witch’s magicks. 

Werewolves and other fell creatures roamed the night and met their fate at the point of silver or steel. Troll twins guarded a puzzle that the adventurers needed to solve to acquire objects for the restoration of Lord Goldmist. Meanwhile Ashenmark searched the night for the fearsome Skrunk, using all their skill to hunt it and calling it by name. And suddenly the chase was on with the warriors racing to corner the fell beast. Fierce and terrible was the onslaught of the Skrunk, and many were the wounds that the Ashenmark band endured that would slay lesser men (who didn’t have healers). In the last though their skill and numbers prevailed and the fearsome Skrunk lay dead at their feet, although perhaps it might be consoled to know that it’s last stand will surely be immortalized in song and works of art.

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