Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Why You Should Go - Chimeron Questing and Feast of Chimeron

 by Mikey "Janus" Donnelly

Feast of Chimeron XXV
For a quarter of a century, Chimeron has been opening its gates with the intent to make sure no adventurer goes hungry, and so Indana Ward will once again man the kitchen with the goal to satiate those in attendance.  In addition, there will be plenty of activities to partake in.  The Chimeron Casino will be in attendance, as will the Chimeron Shop.  A new game called Tak will be demonstrated with a tournament, and a Bardic competition will test the skills and wits of any interested performers.  Song books will be provided for those who wish to learn a song or two (or have simply forgotten the words to old favorites.)  And to top it all off, Chimeron will be holding its annual court.  It should be an entertaining evening all around.

(This article was written by a member of staff for the event.)

Chimeron Questing
While the winter this year has been mild, there have not been too many opportunities to stretch your legs and go adventuring.  Chimeron Questing will be your first chance during the questing season to do so.  Questing this year will be in an open world style, and will feature quests from many different writers in Chimeron, including the teams behind the G.O.P.H.E.R. events (Best one day), Risen Kingdom plot (Best Plot), Bind the Tide (Honorable mention for Best One Day) and Avalon Questing in addition to some new faces who haven’t had a chance to throw their hat into the ring.  Breakfast, dinner, and a day board will be provided by Indana Ward.  Cabins with bunks will also be available on a first come/first serve basis, and will be available to anyone in attendance of either Feast of Chimeron or Chimeron Questing.

(This article was written by a member of staff for the event.)

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