Friday, May 5, 2017

What You Missed at Neden Presents: A Day of BBQ Fun 2

What You Missed at Neden Presents: A Day of BBQ Fun 2
A short story by Syruss O'Leary

Neden was having a heck of a week. They were pretty much finished cleaning up from the Snow Globe fiasco, everything was being prepped daily for Sunday and all hands were on deck.

JB, Rawlin, and Siff started the weekend investigating a foreign Realm and meeting new crazy creatures while finding fun random relics of plentiful power.

Cabby was busy carting refugees whose farmhouses got destroyed in the Snow Globe incident of 1017.

Sir Black took petitioners Ditch and Zodiark on an emissary mission to the Centaur Lands to hire new field workers now that we had a large number of jobs in various fields and no undead to fill them.

Razmith needed to hunt down a few Omega level creatures and catch them without killing them. So he took Dith with him. Dith was looking to knockout something tough and knew he would find it on this trip. The plan was to unleash Dith's crazy flurry of blows on the Iron Faced Khajiit that was terrorizing a Neden settlement.

Grebinar O'Leary and Priest Z were supposed to take Al O'Leary to get snacks for the BBQ but then we started receiving Ravens with Portraits of them in Teng Hua, Corsica, and Geodess. But that's what happens when you travel with a traveling Gnome, his Portal Magic rivals that of Sir Naj himself.

Which led us to Sunday.

Gumbo was there early setting up multiple grills for his gourmet burgers, Meat Tube things, and delicious chicken. He had vegetable dishes for the animal companion friendly foodies out there.

Lord Nymbous O'Leary (First of his name) arrived with Dresden and me and we went right into decorating the front yard. We set up our first tournament of the day, the Neden National Sport of Corn Hole.

***Schlitz blorp gurble portal sound****

Naj had arrived with Siff from that foreign realm with tons of prizes for JB for our day's competitions.

The Magic Mirror Bob was giving Dresden a hard time who was cataloging Neden treasure while simultaneously greeting each one of the lord's guests as they arrived and excepting the lord's tribute you brought on his behalf.

Before you knew it Sir Sarix had arrived with Neden's newest petitioner Darkin. Darkin is a fierce warrior and old friend of mine waking up from a cursed spell by drinking a poised apple ale (definitely not O'Leay's Elixer).

With more staff, we went into all the day's activities.

We celebrated in the face of our fallen foe and Sir Tao helped squash the rest of his undead petitioners leaving the lands peaceful and without servants. No, really he went on such a massive undead killing spree that he accidentally started destroying some of the newly acquired, locally-sourced undead from Neden none of that Rabble Rousing free thinking undead the Lord purchased for Necron.

We had a three-legged race that ended with murder and mayhem, an egg toss competition that shattered eggspectations, a Pie Eating contest that Dresden really hit on the nose, as well as many different combat challenges.

Cornhole was fiercely contested, the new rings for Ring Toss made for much more feasible feet and the Plinko Tickets were a great way of getting ahead without risking your necks in the combat.

My fellow Knights of the Potentium and I unveiled the "Potentium Challenge" that tested one's natural abilities to feel the force around them.

Blackwood held a court, with Lord Nymbous's express written permission....You need permits for that kind of thing in public. The nation welcomed a new member to Blackwood's ranks and they all smiled, Bones smiled then cussed then smiled again.

With everyone belly's full of food and all the envelopes stuffed with tickets it was time for prizes.
We avoided a Neden felony in the making by putting a lid on the magical blue glitter. Sir Sean sailed away with in his new boat. Toah walked out with a prize or two of epic-level power and almost everyone got to get a little face-time with our Magic Mirror "helpful" Bob.

With that, the Lord thanked everyone who came, gave his final round of hugs and then turned on the front sprinklers.

We here in Neden hope you had a great time. If there is any way we can improve let us know. 🙂


Sir Duke Syruss O'Leary

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