Friday, February 9, 2018

Question of the Week and Responses

Question of the Week #10 Responses

Welcome back, everyone, to Question of the Week! We've gotten some interesting responses to our last question that we're happy to share with all of you. The question was "What odd or unusual thing does your character always take questing with them?" Read up on people's answers below then scroll down and answer this week's question below!

Syruss O'Leary
The rest of Neden.

Jericho Axelthorne
A letter from an old friend.

Gray Erikkson
Nuts, with which to placate the homicidal squirrel.

Biting sarcasm and an alias ready to go.

Extra pants for lending.


A deck of cards. You never know who you’ll meet.

Sir Therian
A box that holds wooden dice.  This has proved useful many occasions, and not just to pass the time.


Odd or Unusual, have you met my friends? 

Priest Z
A small single egg cold iron frying pan, because fae souls taste great fried with bacon in the morning!


Tao Ya Kang
Deck of cards.

Duke Syruss O'Leary (again, perhaps forgetting he's already answered)
Nothing is more unusual than JB but besides him I always bring my lucky coin.

Again, thank you for your participation, everyone. This next question asking you to reveal some personal information as we ask you about part of what motivates you to wield sword and spell as an adventurer. Please answer right away!

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