Wednesday, February 7, 2018

WIWTG Player's Meeting by Keith "Saegan" Cronyn

If you're reading this, it's probably because you're passionate about this game. I'm not that witty, so you would really need to be interested in the topic.

So why do you want to go to the Players’ Meeting? Because you're invested in this game and you want to have a say in how it will change.

You want to go to the Players’ Meeting because you have opinions, and you want them to be heard. Whether you love the game the way it is, and want to vote no on everything (except the no changes this year proposal) or you love all the changes and want to vote yes on everything, or are somewhere in between, voting is important.

So what are some of the topics going on at this years Players’ Meeting and Event Holders’ Council? First, if you follow the Realms’ Facebook page, you've probably heard about the Realms’ Code of Conduct, but perhaps in the same vein are an EH ethics proposal, and a proposal for a clause addressing sexual harassment.

Now I don't mean to incite a riot, but these are pretty hot topics. Do you believe as a community we should stand together and manage our problems? Do you think it's the individual’s responsibility? Do we leave legal issues with the appropriate authorities and otherwise not address it at all? Should it be some mesh of all of the above? These questions will surely be addressed in some form or another, and if you think you know the answer, then you need to make your voice heard. And no amount of Facebook comments will count in the same way a vote would.

So what else? There are proposals on weapon safety changes.

Proposals on magical learning progression changes.

New spells.

New weapon materials.

Alterations to paths and path mechanics.

New weapon calls.

We could literally come out of these meetings with a completely different game.

Change is on the horizon.

If you're a fan of the Blackwood event series, you might see that statement as an overt nod to my team. But in this case it's really appropriate. Over the past several years we’ve offered people to play test their new mechanics at our events to get things together for the coming EHC. So I can say I'm pretty familiar with chaotic mechanical changes in our game, and how they'll play out within various scenes. And I can say with full confidence that some of these proposals will put interesting new design elements into the community.

Some things will change the balance.

So what's important to you? Where does your fun come in, and what are you willing to try?

Read the proposals. Go to the Players’ Meeting. Have a voice.

I would be a fool to try and talk about the PM and not mention the Players’ Rep. So the Players’ Meeting is the opportunity for players to vote to change the game, to have their voices heard about the evolution of the game. But all the proposals that pass the player's meeting go onto the EHC, and the Event Holders vote again to make the final changes for the year.

At the EHC the Players’ Rep represents the players. They get a vote. They have a say. They have the ability to argue on behalf of the players. The Players’ Rep can also accept amendments at the EHC for proposals that are from non-EHs to help it pass the council, to make small balance or wording changes. Needless to say it's an important role, and it gets elected at the Players’ Meeting.

So why go? Because of all of these reasons, but mostly because it's an important part of our community. I should have just left it at that.

See you there--I'm fiery and ready to argue.

Keith “Saegan” Cronyn

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