Friday, October 5, 2018

On This Day

For a Flashback Friday, lets take a look at what we were talking about at the View From Valehaven on this day in years past...

2016 - Why You Should Go to In Bud's Honor

Alex Newbold elegantly expressed how we could remember our lost friend and do good for a charity in his name as he petitioned the community to attend In Bud's Honor, which successfully raised funds for the Take This Foundation.

2012 - The Grimloch Tribune

Before Syruss was organizing the Neden Kazoo he got his start in publishing while he was still in Grimloch. Take a look at both their lead story about T.H.U.G.S. and the Dear Rohodey advice column.

2011 - A Fighting Chance - The Aspis

Faelinn, in advance of the War of Shadows event, created a detailed guide to fighting the Aspis and what adventurers should expect when they face them.

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