Friday, February 14, 2020

Merchants and Vendors of the Realms

On January 31, Ed "Tuilli" Drummon posed the following question to the Realms Facebook Group: 
Hey all! Who here makes stuff for our game? List it here:
List your shop name, your character name, and what you make!

The responses poured in. Here is the compilation of what people are selling in the Realms.
(Compiled by Becky Baron)

Nathan “Avernus” Menard
Wares: Weapons

Daniel “DaniDanger” Oakfellow-Pushee (with help from Janna “Iawen” Oakfellow-Pushee)
Shop Name: DaniDanger’s Apple Treasures
Wares: Apple-based foods, art, found goods

Anthony “Fro” Quintana
Wares: Armor (not chainmail), garb, props, foam weapons

Joshua “Garuda” Barnett
Wares: Bad Decisions

Ethan “Jean Baptise” Goldman
Wares: Jerky

Casey “Karmha Celestine-Cooke” Lemay
Shop Name: Karmha Creations
Wares: Sewn banners, tabards, hoods, cloaks. Leather armor, pouches, masks. 3d printed props. Embroidered things. Pouches, belt accessories, spell props

Becky “Kovaks” Baron
Wares: Leather-bound runebooks, leather-bound omnibuses, weapons, chainmail pouches/coifs, simple leatherwork projects, custom gaming mins

Player Name: Stephen “Laika” Sanford
Wares: Electronics/lighting props, 3d printing, laser cut/etching/CNCing, leatherworking, weapons making, foamsmithing

Player Name: John “Gordon Lightfoot” Rescigno
Shop Name: Lightfoot Leatherworks
Wares: Leather armor and accessories

Kim “Mayumi” and Dennis “Katsuie” Coffey
Wares: Sewn garb, corsets. Props, drinking gourds, implement staves. Weapons. Decorated boxes. Knit and crochet goods.

Jason and Jennifer Rosa
Shop Name: The Gilded Lion
Wares: Custom Realms-themed board games

Player Name: Arthur “Aiden” Granger
Shop Name: Mercenary Market
Wares: Chainmail jewelry, armor, adornments. Weapons, EVA props

Cal “Syruss O'Leary” Marsden
Shop Name: Neden Forge
Wares: Plastidip shields, weapons, and throwing weapons. IC spellbooks. Barrels and decorative hydroflasks.

Maryanne “Shalindra” English-Betie
Shop Name: Oddities and Commodities
Wares: IC spell props (counters, bases for implements, timers, lights, painted boxes), EVA foam hair clips, caster gloves, horns. Character commissions.

Megan “Ayuchi Kyomi” and Steven “Therian” Matulewicz
Shop Name: Realms Outfitters
Wares: Clothes, questing accessories, feast gear, armor, jewelry, leather goods, homemade canned goods.

Andy “Shean O'Quinnlin” Disbrow
Wares: Ceramic stuff, heavy wool cloaks and stuff, wood stuff, beers, wines, and meads, leather stuff, and more.

James “Tao” Murphy
Wares: Dessert bacon, mug rental, tea/cocoa/noodles, casino stuff, OOC magic item cards

Sam “Sivf” Sherman
Wares: Chainmail dice jewelry, leather working, chainmail, soon: IRL metal forging, felt familiars.

Lynna “Nova Starr” Gallo
Shop Name: Starry Knight Brewery
Wares: Mead (Must be 21+)

Eren “Tazzia” Pils-Martin
Shop Name: The Oddities Shop
Wares: Sewing, crocheting, leather work, props. Mostly custom orders.

Jen “Vandoria” Cloutier
Shop Name: Vandoria's Vestments
Wares: Sewn garb including shirts, pants, cloaks, hoods, jerkins, dresses, jackets, tabards, heraldry, etc.

Sara “Zarine” Jessop
Wares: IC Tavern at big weekend events, with boozey and non-boozey drinks, table games, cheese, cigars, and fireside entertainment.

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