Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Player’s Rep’s notes. A Very Special What You Missed, by Emily

Preamble/Meme Hell
Let the Ehs decide count: 1
Slippery Slope count:        
Image result for skeleton meme"
Invictus is color coded
Minority -> Majority
        Undoing former proposal (old standard)
        EHs present: Maj Negative
        OG: Not an accurate rep of player base
        Vote: Failed 18/8
Spirit of Rules Comitte
        Answer rule questions between EHCs (Death watch fiasco reaction)
        Judicial Review, but with no actual power? (MM and EH can override)
        No AC safety Net?
        Ehs Present: Mostly positive (2 ish holdouts)
        “Rule we play by” View Article (Similar, but more weight)
        Players: Mostly Positive
        Vote: Failed 20/17
AC Info
        Changes nothing, adds transparency
        Vote: Passes 35/2
Option A:
        Option B:
Clean Up rules for throwing weapons:
        Consistent wording
        [Redacted] shushing [Redacted] makes him better :) 
        Vote: Passes 36/1
        Yellow Arm Band ( A la [Redacted]  + [Redacted] )
        Recent non-com in support of it even with its flaws
        Verbiage causing problems
        General Maj of room is good for it 
        Vote: Passed 39/1
Opt-Out Head shots:
        Trying to find mid ground between non com and full com
        Maj of room is against
        Someone proposed mma helmets and all I can think of is [Redacted] sheild fighting with one
        Vote: Failed 30/8
Fix Weapons:
        Stepping stones to fix a bad system
        Confusion of over actually needed
        Single short are thicc when they don't need to be
        Vote: Passes 39/0
2 Handed Weapons
        [Redacted] prop
        Bico rules compliance
2 handed weapon p2
        Auto pulled
Larp Arrows
No discussion
Failed: 29/4
Remove mention of illegal weapons
Why did this have to be proposed??
Why is the omnibus like this?/??
Vote: Passes 37/3
        WHAT DO YOU MEAN??
        [Redacted] wants to be legolas
        Vote: Passes 38/4
Blow Strength:
Marshal discretion
Squishy Tips
More squishy
Easier construction
Vote:Passed 42/1
        COMIC SANS
        Literally just flavor text
        The birds work for bourgeois =)
         Vote: Passed 36/3
Currency Non Stealable:
        Split room
        Think abt the merchants?
                Merchants split
        Not dick proof
        Imma mug my own dad
        Vote: Failed 29/12
Caveat Clean Up:
        Literally just streamlines caveats
        Vote: Passes
Caveat Clean Up 2: electric boogaloo
        Changes AC and light to enchanted item
        [Expletive] go off with the disenchant for a light
        Vote: Failed
Spell Verbal:
        Current verbiage requires completely unique verbals for each proposal
        Actually does nothing but increase amount of memory i gotta have while casting
        Vote: failed:
Spell Resets:
        Reflects how spell resets are played
        [Redacted] big mad, [Redacted] block
        Vote:  Failed
Spell at 1 time
Vote to Clarify:Passed
Potions Caveat
        Removes mention of create poison
        Poison’s don’t have to follow the brewing process
        Vote: Passes 
Consistent Grandfathering
        Doesn’t take away ability to rhode father or to add onto grandfathering
        Currently says to fix your shit
        Vote:Passes 41
Disease while undead
  1. PC is raised as undead
  1. PC is hit with disease
  1. PC dies
  1. PC has a single raise dead cast on them
  1. PC is reanimated as undead before a second raise dead is cast on them.
Does a raise dead persist in diseased dead body?
Question of how often it happens?
        A lot, the answer is a lot
Vote to clarify: 43/1
Concentration Spells (wards)
Limits one spell at a time
        Vote: Failed
Multiple castings at once- Repair Armor
        Two focuses? Perhaps
        Maybe op
        Vote: passes
[Redacted]’s Buy down spectacular
        Buy down options hell (n= level of casting, 2 spells: n-1, 3 spells n-2)
        Leaves cantrip alone
        Suspension Caveat for Animal Comp lifted
        Confusion over what familiar has to do with this
Enchant overall:
        Enchanting person vs enchanting the armor itself
        Creates a slow crazy way to fix armor
        Vote: passes
Masterwork hammer fix
        Might displace mystic
        Caster that has masterwork, is against, citing opness
        May slow down quests even fucking more
        Made for newbies
        Seed of life for armor 
        Vote: Passes
Assassin Blade + masterwork
        Making it within a casters restriction
        Vote: passes
Animate Limb
        The flavour vs. the practicality
        Vote: failed
Enchant Armor to 5th circle
        That’s it
Clarify when transformation ends
        Dead or Alive??
        Vote to clarify: Failed
Arcane Archer
        Do javelins and arrows count for enchant weapon?
Vote to Clarify: passes
Combine Familiar and Animal Companion
        Same general use, combine spells now that there aren’t paths
        Vote :Failed
Life Bond
Blood brothers, but with out the call
Removes a necromancy spell (Undead general)
Seasoned disgruntled with removal of necro spell
Spell itself is good, just removal of undeath is iffy
Vote: Failed
        Disease for armor basically
        Compared to boulder and fireball
        General vote: Failed
        We too dumb to count
        Vote: Failed
Light LED
Just includes LEDs by name. EH and MM are still on hook to grab too bright LED off of quest
        Vote: Passed
Strange brew-potion of seance
        Split of points value
        Vote: Passed
Oat Seed
        2 tokens= 60 seconds
        Adds more flow to combat and seed has become a staple of it.
        Goes against previous change?
        Vote: Passed
Enfeeble Being
Up Uses for Enfeeble
        Vote: Passed
Spell Siphon:
        Catch a magic missile, do sawesome shit (nom nom the magic beans)
        Cant consume own spell but can catch own prop
        Vote: Failed
Lingering Effects
        Falls under power potion rules
        Basically potions of x spells found in list
        Consensus is positive on concept, neg on readiness
Wording Fix, repair item
Fix Heartiness
        Vote: failed
Tweak Repair Armor
Vote: Failed
Ac Committee timelines
        Semi-Place holder
        Trying to make sure Ac can’t sit on proposal
        Dad’s speech :)
        Generally positive: Like having the deadlines, but would like to see more concise wording
        Vote: passes
Magic Item List public
        Shopping list: doesn’t list who has it currently
        Mystery: ???? you can contact an eh anyway
        Can help with the Item Card arguments against
        Opinion is positive
        Vote: Passes 43/0
Item Card Removal
        We tried™
        Can be a headache for reg
Punishing those without cards due to lack of eh involvement
Vote: Passes
Reorder and rewrite of proposal system
        Literally the only contentious point
        Vote: passes
Mikey’s late “other…” proposal
        Keep shit consistent
        Changing flat and rep bows to 120-Passed
        Poison Affects:Pulled
Changes it to 120 to fix
Love -> Charm
        Poll: 25-1 in favor
Magic Item Rules:
        More shiny toys
        Old way!!
Resist magic
        Vote: passes
Just the tip ;)
Pop someone’s eye out?
Flat Blades haven’t cause injuries
Vote: Failed
Verbals must explain the spell
Spell name counts!
Vote: Failed
        Second sentence can be omitted at the EHC
        Counts as all signatures, can not be casted with cantrip/animal companion
        Cannot make a double teacher (Double jeopardy, but but worse)
Feather Step
        Double Jump, but under a different name
        Drive by piking
        [Redacted] is why none of us cannot have nice things
        May [Redacted] with event flow
        Vote: failed
Spell Components
        Spell Fails when the spell is supposed to fail
Caster to spellcaster
Ghost Balde Rebal
Vote: passes
Life bond
Remove Familar, but keep ANIMALS!
        Vote: Failed
Players rep opening statements
        Codifying what is already done
        Vote: Passed
Familiar to Implement
Spell Catch
        Changed to reset learning 1 or 2
        Room still seems lukewarm to concept
        Only from projectiles
        Vote: failed
Add options for strange brew
        Worry abt alchemy being better than spells
Implement death watch implements

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