Friday, May 1, 2020

Home Questing Task 5: Results!

by Christopher "Janus" Donnelly 

Hello, and welcome to the Task 5 results show!  A guest judge and I shall judge the submissions we have received and determine which hat is in fact the fanciest.  Per tradition, the submissions are in order of submission.

From DelHemar is a hat which was constructed from photo negatives and contact sheet prints.

For more views of this photographic hat, plus a video of it from different angles, you can visit

Next up is an entry from Cressida is a hat made of Solo Cups and Forks.

Our third entry is from Luc-Dubois Coupant made from a collapsible horn and some camouflage.

And Finally, submitted just in the nick of time from Janus is a hat made from recreations of enemies and a quill.

When this task was conceived, there was one person who immediately came to mind for judging hats.  As well as other things for that matter.  So, I reached out to Zarine and got her help figuring out which hats she thought was the fanciest.  Take it away Zarine:

Wow, these are.. well, they are hats I guess. Overall though, very good effort put forth by all of the contestants and these were very exciting to judge. For Janus, while I appreciate wearing the faces of your enemies, I feel the skins could have been arranged in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. The feather was a nice touch but seemed like an afterthought. Cressida, while I find drinkware as fashion intriguing, it didn’t seem to transform enough from bad feast gear to actual haberdashery. The weaving technique you used looks interesting though, and perhaps with better materials it could have been more successful. The winner for me was between DelHemar and Luc-Dubois. I am a fan of photography so DelHemar’s hat warmed my heart, if you can believe it. You really turned a negative into a positive and made a very handsome hat. I love Luc-Dubois’ ingenuity and I do appreciate a multi-functioning garment. Though no gentleman I know wears leaves on their head, I am sure the camouflage could be modified for a more urban scout. Not sure about it’s blow strength though, perhaps a demonstration is in order. In the end, form wins out for me over function, so I must choose DelHemar’s Tophat of Negativity over Luc-Dubois’ Scout Cap of Blowing.

4th (2 points)  - Cressida
3rd (3 points)  - Janus
2nd (4 points) - Luc-Dubois
1st (5 points) - DelHemar

Thanks so much for that Zarine.  Now it’s my turn to judge, albeit a little less elegantly.

In fourth place (DQ) is Janus, whose hat isn’t really fancy, so much as creepy.  In addition, he is DQ’d this week for bribery.  I accepted it, but I had to DQ him anyway.  It’s a matter of principles.

In third place (3 points)  is Cressida who chose a very bright hat to construct.  It has a few nice details to it, but I wouldn’t call it “fancy”, even with a few crenallations near the top.

In second place (4 points) is Luc-Dubois Coupant’s hat.  It is a multipurpose hat: stylish and functional.  In addition while not a traditional “fancy”, for its target audience it is exceedingly fancy.

Finally, in first place is (5 points) DelHemar with his hat.  While taking the form of a traditional top hat, the material it is made of increases the fancy factor drastically, and it is the only hat I saw that I could envision myself wearing...and that includes my own entry!

Taking into account the participation points, here is the total scores for the week:

DelHemar - 11 points
Luc-Dubois Coupant - 9 points
Cressida - 6 points

I’m going to be only posting the totals after even tasks from now on.  Tune in later today for the next task!